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Currently not for sale, being updated and re-released in November 2021.

New Guide to Thermal Insulation Report

The BuildingGreen Guide to Insulation provides detailed guidance on insulation products and practices, including cost comparisons and detailed recommendations on what insulation to use, and what to avoid. It's a treasure trove... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Pest Prevention: Steps Designers Can Take!

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

Recount the problems and challenges that various pests present to the green building industry, such as health risks to occupants and structural issues that decrease building... Read more

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I'm looking for a quick methodology to estimate GHG emissions from refrigerants on a per SF basis. Are there any benchmark studies or quick calculators similar to the embodied carbon study?



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On our Contractor Coffee talk a few weeks ago, Emi LaFountain (Turner Construction) brought up the idea that there was a lot of blue stain wood that are being landfilled instead of used, and suggested that maybe the designers among us could find a way to turn ugly into beautiful.

I had never heard of this issue, but I was on a call the... Read more

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Hi SDL: today is the last day to cast your vote in the voting for Greenbuild by 5PM ET.  

please vote for the terrific program put together on PV23 "The Tools You Need to Design for Climate Emergency Action" with me, Betsy and Beth Heider that will bring together a collection of tools, including brand new ones from Saskia, using the Top... Read more

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Hello Everyone,

Here is the 2019 SCL Demographics Report, thank you to everyone who submitted responses. Enjoy!

The SCL Salary Survey Report will be coming next and please note that the Salary Survey is only distributed to those who participated.

All the best,


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Hi folks -

I was contacted last week by the producer of the documentary that launches this Thursday, 12/10 - he is hoping to generate interest among folks across the environmental spectrum (which of course includes all of us!) so I am sharing his pitch below with you all. The subject of water scarcity and drought is only going to... Read more

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I'm looking into using solar shingles as a roofing option for a historic building renovation. Has anyone used them before and have any recommendations? I understand they won't be as efficient as traditional panels, but I'd like to figure out if it would be a worthwhile compromise to discuss with the historic commission, if necessary. Thanks... Read more


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Hi everyone,

As part of our monthly SDLS call yesterday, we looked through the 2020 SD Leaders Winter Summit Report. To help paint an even fuller picture of what was covered at that summit, here are slides from many of the 5-minute presentations.

As a note: we have permission from these presenters to share their slides within the... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Resilient Design: 7 Lessons from Early Adopters

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Recount the ten resilient design principles.
2. Recount each of the seven fundamental messages embraced by the model practitioners.
3. Describe... Read more

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I wanted to share news of a pledge intiated by the US Government Health and Human Services to reduce healthcare sector emissions. It was announced on Earth Day 2022. The pledge is part of the US's efforts to meet commitments made at COP26. I highly recommend watching the webinar to hear more of the pledge's nuance.

The voluntary pledge... Read more


Candace Pearson leads BuildingGreen’s consulting practice in the areas of alternative project delivery models, collaborative construction contracts, and owner representation. Candace believes that the best projects come from project teams aligned around values, and that such alignment can be reinforced by clear, artfully-crafted contracts. She... Read more

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Product Guide

Though BuildingGreen has long supported the use of electric hand dryers as a more environmentally friendly hand drying option, the majority of evidence appears to support paper towels as a preferred method of controlling the spread of potential pathogens. 

And even the most efficient hand dryers contribute significant CO2 to the... Read more

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