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Consolidation of Green Codes Continues

In response to calls from the industry, the two most prominent green codes will be consolidated, with ASHRAE 189.1 to serve as the backbone of IgCC.

The International Code Council has announced that its International Green Construction Code (IgCC) will cease to be an independently developed building code and will instead draw on ASHRAE 189.1 for the 2018 version.

As BuildingGreen reported in 2014, the International Code Council (ICC) previously agreed to fully adopt a code-enforceable version of ASHRAE 189.1 as the basis for IgCC instead of developing its own system (see One Standard to Rule Them All: LEED, IgCC, 189.1 to Be Parts of a Single System). Details of how that will work have now been outlined in a final agreement.

Coined “IgCC powered by 189.1” in a press release, Standard 189.1 will now serve as the technical content for IgCC, though ICC will still be responsible for Chapter 1, “Scope and Administration.” As such, ICC has cancelled its 2018 development cycle, and instead, the consensus process that determines the next generation of ASHRAE 189.1 will include consideration of IgCC content.

The consolidation is also expected to more naturally shepherd projects from code to LEED. “This joint initiative will forge the fundamental regulatory building blocks of green construction on which future green building leadership initiatives can grow,” said Brendan Owens, P.E., chief of engineering at USGBC.

The agreement means there will now be a more comprehensive green code for jurisdictions that choose to adopt it, and fewer deviations and differences for architects and designers to keep track of.

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Published July 27, 2015

Pearson, C. (2015, July 27). Consolidation of Green Codes Continues. Retrieved from

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July 27, 2015 - 11:37 am

This addresses commericial but not small residential or commercial code multifamily under IGC. How does that change?

July 27, 2015 - 12:06 pm

Brett, IgCC is not applicable to residiential buildings under three stories. For larger multifamily projects, the effect is the same as for commercial.