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Engineers Post Electrification Equipment Wish List

Leading MEP design firms are entreating manufacturers to make products needed for all-electric buildings, like large capacity heat pumps.

These 24 firms, representing thousands of practicing MEP engineers, are collectively asking equipment providers to help them design all-electric building systems.

Image: BuildingGreen, Inc.
This article highlights an initiative of the Sustainable MEP Leaders peer network, one of several peer networks supported by BuildingGreen. While BuildingGreen convenes the networks, initiatives are entirely directed by the participants.

As momentum builds for electrification—with some cities going so far as to ban natural gas—MEP engineers are increasingly being asked to deliver all-electric buildings. But in some cases, the kind of HVAC equipment needed isn’t currently on the market. Rather than passively wait for solutions, a group of engineers is turning to partners in manufacturing and laying out exactly the kind of equipment it’s searching for.

The Sustainable MEP Leaders peer network, consisting of sustainability directors for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) design firms throughout North America, has drafted a letter to manufacturers asking for certain kinds of equipment. Among the many asks are requests for:

  • air-to-water heat pumps that produce warmer water at 0°F ambient temperatures, especially for large-capacity systems
  • water-to-water domestic heaters
  • small- to medium-sized battery systems (50 kWh–200 kWh)

The letter also clarifies that such equipment should use low-global-warming potential refrigerants and ideally have Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

Manufacturers are asked to keep the MEP engineers leaders “apprised of their progress,” and, in turn, the MEP engineers offer to continue helping manufacturers identify the “rapidly expanding demand” for equipment needed to decarbonize the building industry.

Published January 17, 2020

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