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Fitwel 2.1 Adds New Construction Pathway

Projects can now be certified under Fitwel for health-promoting design and construction.

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Formerly only available for existing buildings, Fitwel has expanded into design and construction.

Image: Center for Active Design
The latest iteration of Fitwel, version 2.1, expands the focus of the certification to include new construction projects. Formerly, the standard applied only to existing buildings. Project teams pursuing this new pre-occupancy Design Certification must also follow up with post-occupancy Built Certification.

This change positions Fitwel to compete more directly with the WELL Building Standard, which also covers both new construction and building operation phases.

With version 2.1, Fitwel also significantly updates its workplace and multifamily standards, revising and adding several requirements. For example, the workplace standard introduces regular indoor air quality testing and water quality testing. Other changes include the launch of the Fitwel Communities pilot and the addition of a retail standard.

The public can participate in a comment period through August 15, 2019, by emailing

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Center for Active Design


Published July 8, 2019

Melton, P. (2019, July 8). Fitwel 2.1 Adds New Construction Pathway. Retrieved from

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July 8, 2019 - 7:34 pm

Hi all, 

Of particular note of this new v2.1 release is the requirement that projects now recertify both their design and construction phase certifications every three years. I emailed Fitwel to confirm that I was interpreting their media correctly; here was my inquiry:

My question: "The way the website is written under the ‘Standard’ section, it states that both the Design and Built certifications are only valid for 3 years. I understand the Built certification needing to be revalidated, but why would the Design certification expire? 3 years is an unreasonable time frame for projects to undergo design changes to a space. Most other recertification programs that I’m aware of are an ongoing validation of what’s occurring in operations and policies rather than the static aspects of a space’s initial design. I ask b/c I know my clients will ask.

Response: "Our advisors and board members felt 3-years for the Design Certification was appropriate and sufficient. If you feel there is a better process for this based on your experience, I know it would be valuable, and I encourage you to submit those ideas to before August 15th."

I encourage all who are interested or using Fitwel to really read the requirements of both the program and the Strategies and provide comments. I feel this release has many things that should be reconsidered, and the good people at Fitwel need to hear from the users on their approaches.