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How WELL Got Green Building’s Groove Back

WELL is the hottest four-letter word in sustainable design. But will it work to the benefit or the detriment of green building?

Too niche, too difficult, too bureaucratic, too pricey: complaints about building certifications seem to get louder by the second. In this market, it would be crazy to introduce a new rating system that’s less broadly applicable than LEED, harder to achieve, certified by the same third party, and more expensive.

But that’s exactly what the WELL Building Standard is—and it’s apparently having wild success. What’s the attraction?

Originally published March 8, 2017 Reviewed March 5, 2020

Melton, P. (2020, March 5). How WELL Got Green Building’s Groove Back. Retrieved from https://www.buildinggreen.com/feature-shorts/how-well-got-green-building-s-groove-back