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A Growing Embodied Carbon Library

The Carbon Leadership Forum has published a whole library on embodied carbon—and it’s crowdsourcing more resources every day.

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The library contains introductory materials like these, as well as more advanced, in-depth resources.

Image: Carbon Leadership Forum
Net-zero energy. Not so long ago, full-scale adoption of energy efficiency and onsite renewables was the dream of the green building community. But as climate change worsens, the focus has gradually turned to carbon rather than energy.

A shift has also occurred in what kinds of emissions we need to address. In order to decarbonize the building industry within an acceptable time frame, we need to consider not only the carbon produced during operations but also the greenhouse gas emissions associated with our building materials—their embodied carbon.

So how do we do that?

The Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) has introduced an online resource library designed to answer that question. The library features dozens of entry points into the issues associated with embodied carbon, and it’s growing as more people contribute. From a basic fact sheet (“Embodied Carbon 101”) to a series of in-depth technical seminars (“Learning About Forests, Carbon, and Wood”), the library highlights resources produced by CLF, as well as by outside organizations and people. The website also has instructions for submitting new resources to include.

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For more information:

Carbon Leadership Forum

Published March 1, 2021

Melton, P. (2021, February 17). A Growing Embodied Carbon Library . Retrieved from

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