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ROI and High Performance: How to Talk the Talk

AIA has released talking points for architects to help clients and others understand what an investment in green building can accomplish.

Have you ever felt stuck when clients say high performance sounds nice but just isn’t in the budget? The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has your back.

The group has released a series of talking points that specifically address return on investment for green building features. For example, these simple-to-understand and research-backed bullet points include convincing arguments about:

  • How improved indoor environmental quality boosts occupant wellness and performance
  • Why building certifications are desirable due to higher asset value and opportunities to collect higher rent
  • Which design strategies reduce operating costs
  • How the integrative process and better energy performance can save on first costs
  • Why green building features and certifications help corporations recruit and retain employees

“These talking points are intended for use in your conversations with clients, potential clients, civic leaders, vendors, contractors and other architects,” notes the page where the talking points can be found. “This helps demonstrate that architects are trusted partners in strengthening society, designing solutions, and transforming communities.”

For more information:

The American Institute of Architects

Published August 2, 2021

Melton, P. (2021, July 19). ROI and High Performance: How to Talk the Talk. Retrieved from

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