BuildingGreen Partners with Taunton Press

After 22 years as a small, independent company, BuildingGreen now has Taunton Press as a partner in our service to the green building industry. In February 2008, Taunton Press, the publisher of

Fine Homebuilding, became an equity partner in BuildingGreen, LLC, joining myself, Nadav Malin, and Jerelyn Wilson as owners. The financial resources and publishing expertise Taunton brings to BuildingGreen will enable us to reach more people and dramatically increase our capabilities in supporting the industry’s shift to sustainability.

This partnership is a big step for BuildingGreen, and we gave it a great deal of thought over the past year, ultimately moving ahead with a change that we believe to be in the best interests of our customers, our company, and the green building movement. While Taunton Press is larger than BuildingGreen, we share many values—in particular a commitment to excellence. It is significant that in the 33-year history of Taunton, this is the first such partnership the family-owned company has ever entered into; we all feel that it is the ideal fit. BuildingGreen’s mission applies every bit as much today as it did when we developed it 15 years ago, and it remains intact.

As we go forward with the able support and collaboration of Taunton Press, we’ll do mostly the same work we’ve always done out of our same Brattleboro, Vermont, office with our same staff (though with some growth over the coming months). While I will remain president, Paul Spring, a senior vice president at Taunton, has taken over as CEO—freeing me to focus on what I’m better at: researching, writing, and strategizing about where we as a building industry and society need to be heading, and how to get there. We always welcome your ideas and feedback, but I would especially appreciate, in this time of transition, your suggestions about how we can serve you better as you work to make the world a better place.

Published March 1, 2008

Wilson, A. (2008, March 1). BuildingGreen Partners with Taunton Press. Retrieved from https://www.buildinggreen.com/op-ed/buildinggreen-partners-taunton-press

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