Natural Paints from LIVOS

Natural Paints from LIVOS

Your February feature on paints (“Paint the Room Green,”

Vol. 8, No. 2) certainly made an impression. While we welcome scrutiny, I must point out some overlooked facts.

It’s not clear in Table 2’s “Alternative Paints” section that LIVOS paints are in fact natural, defined by Webster as “existing in or produced by nature; not artificial” or having “undergone minimal processing” with “no artificial additives.” Because LIVOS produces paint more naturally than most food is grown, we contend that “natural” is relevant here.

In this table, you note that “water- and oil-based products are available, not low-VOC.” Incorrect! LIVOS does offer low-VOC paints: our water-based flat interior has 0 g/l VOCs; our oil-based semi-gloss exterior, 114 g/l—both well below voluntary Green Seal and Eco-label limits.

Misleading anecdotal evidence also overlooks facts. Your quote from John Bower incorrectly suggests toxic effects of small amounts of orange peel oil used as a solvent, preservative and fragrance in many (not just LIVOS) natural paints. Natural orange peel oil (d-Limonene) does have a strong (and many find, pleasant) odor, but it dissipates safely

within 24 hours. LIVOS also produces special products

without orange peel oil. Whoever sold John Bower LIVOS product should have known about these special chemically sensitive products—they’ve been available for years. Your “Checklist” notes that many suppliers provide samples for sensitivity testing. We offer small product jars for exactly this purpose—our primary customer has allergies/chemical sensitivities.

LIVOS pioneered the phytochemical natural coatings industry. For over a quarter century, LIVOS has used biodegradable, natural, often organic ingredients, never tested on animals. We’re committed to offering healthy, high quality products. If you read

EBN, we want the same things: healthy buildings, healthy people, and a healthy planet!

Pamela C. Wills, President/CEO

LIVOS Phytochemistry of America

Editor’s response:

We apologize for not mentioning your zero-VOC and very-low-VOC products. The issue of sensitivity to d-Limonene remains controversial, but you cover all bases by also offering products without it. As for how quickly d-Limonene dissipates, we finished some bookshelves with a (non-LIVOS) natural wood finish five years ago and still smell the citrus odor when we take books off the shelf! These comments notwithstanding, we appreciate the quality of your products, and your commitment to promoting more natural, low-toxic finishes.

Published March 1, 1999

(1999, March 1). Natural Paints from LIVOS. Retrieved from https://www.buildinggreen.com/op-ed/natural-paints-livos

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