Product Review

Mineral-Based Interior Paints Go Mainstream

Mineral-based paint from Romabio contains no synthetic resins, and can be used in place of standard interior acrylic latex paint on drywall.

Mineral silicate paints are some of the most sustainable coatings available. They contain few if any synthetic substances or VOCs and are extremely durable, so they would be an ideal choice for interior projects.  But these paints are primarily for exterior use on mineral-based substrates such as limestone, concrete, terra cotta, and brick.

Romabio’s Domus potassium silicate-based paint line has been formulated for use as a drop-in replacement for standard acrylic latex, even on drywall. Products in this line contain fewer fossil fuel-based ingredients (and in some cases, none) while providing better permeability and mold resistance.

Published September 5, 2017

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