Product Review

Bamboo Dimensional Lumber? Lumboo is Here

Cali Bamboo's Lumboo provides a durable, termite-resistant alternative to conventional wood lumber.

Dimensional lumber has defined the “stick-built” home for decades, but bamboo stalks were used for centuries before 2x4s came along. Now a trendy green material, bamboo is angling in on its old turf.

Cali Bamboo, a maker of bamboo flooring and other products since 2004, launched Lumboo, a product line of dimensional bamboo lumber, in March 2010, four years after beginning development of the product. Like other bamboo wood products currently sold, Lumboo is manufactured by gluing strips of bamboo together into a block (see EBN Mar. 2006). According to Jeff Goldberg, Cali Bamboo CEO, the company has not firmly settled on a binder despite the fact that Lumboo is in production, but he said it will probably be phenol-formaldehyde-based and urea-formaldehyde-free.

Published June 1, 2010

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