Product Review

Innovative Heat Pump Replaces Window Air Conditioners

Gradient is introducing an integrated heat pump that fits into a window opening, but unlike a standard AC unit, it can also supply heat during winter months.

Window air conditioners are one-trick ponies: they only do cooling. They are also inefficient and noisy, they use problematic refrigerants, and they block the view out the window. But their relatively simple installation and functional, but inefficient, performance have made them ubiquitous, especially in older buildings where insulation is poor and HVAC is otherwise inadequate.

Gradient Energy is out to change how we view window air conditioning with the release of its window-mounted, all-in-one heat-pump system. These units combine all the elements of a mini-split heat pump, including heating, in a package that can be easily installed in most residential windows.

Published November 1, 2021

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