Product Review

Innovative Products: 20th Greenbuild Edition

The Greenbuild expo floor was a mix of familiar faces, updates, and new, innovative products.

For many of us, the 20th annual Greenbuild conference held in San Francisco was our first large, post-pandemic public event. It was great to see familiar faces, even if some of them were still covered by masks, and it gave us the opportunity to connect with colleagues and learn about important green building trends.

The expo floor was also back, giving us access to manufacturers and product representatives who were showcasing advancements in products, tools, certifications, and more. Though the expo floor seemed a little smaller than in past years, there was a great mix of familiar and new products and a lot of optimism. BuildingGreen toured the expo, and here we’ll look a few new products and check in with previous Top 10 Product Award winners.

Published December 5, 2022

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