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Modular EZ-Wiring Eliminates Common Hazards

Modular wiring systems are designed to allow an electrician to simply plug together components of the electrical system before circuit testing rather than spending time on the jobsite wiring every junction and interconnection. These systems are easily configurable and reconfigurable, significantly reducing installation time and churn costs, enabling fast-tracking, and helping to “future-proof” a building. In addition, modular wiring systems facilitate the removal of building wire, simplifying the recovery of copper and preventing the build-up of abandoned cabling in walls. More prevalent in Europe, these quick-connect systems are just starting to gain traction in the North American building industry. Electec, which has been manufacturing modular wiring since the late 1980s, is one of just a few North American manufacturers.

Most modular wiring, like other building wire and cable, is chock-full of hazards, from heavy metals to halogenated flame retardants to plasticizers. When

Published May 1, 2010

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