A flying saucer lands on Grand Central Station, buildings are reclaimed after heinous murders, and we gape in horror at global warming skepticism. Close encounters of the baffling kind.Photo Credit: SOM Historic preservation abducted by aliens
Since when are coal-burning power plants “consumers”? A look at NSF’s dubious recycling definitions. BioCel carpet backing replaces petroleum-based polymers with those made from soybeans and contains Celceram fly ash as recycled content.Photo Credit: United Textile

What to like and what not to like about pellet stoves and pellet boilers. Our Quadrafire pellet stove, which we can operate even during a power outage. Click to enlarge.Photo Credit: Alex Wilson

Sometimes bikers have to improvise where to leave their bikes, but many common bike racks may be worse than nothing. Bikers need wheel benders like a fish needs a bike lock.Photo Credit: forkergirl, October 28, 2002 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.
Squeezing big box stores (and more people) into cities, living in a CO2 fog, and tallying up the value of green homes.
LED replacement lamps look super-efficient on payback charts and utility bills, but they may be sucking more power than you realize. LED replacement lamps like this one from Cree  have a high power factor; those intended for residential use often don't. Photo Credit: Cree, Inc.

Understanding wood stoves and wood heat so that you can educate your clients. Vermont Castings Encore-NC wood stove with an EPA emissions rating of 0.7 grams per hour. Click to enlarge.Photo Credit: Vermont Castings

Our friend and mentor, Malcolm Lewis, has passed away Malcolm Lewis will be sorely missed.Photo Credit: Harvey Mudd College

The Third World in U.S. cities, the greenest mile ever built in Chicago, and transplanting a really big tree in Texas. This historic oak tree is thriving in its new location after a Texas city moved it four months ago.Photo Credit: City of League City, Texas

How China is affecting the world’s photovoltaic industry

Workers at a Suntech factory in China. Due to the glut in PV, Suntech has closed a quarter of it's manufacturing capacity.Photo Credit: Peter Parks, Getty Images for the New York Times
Healthy purchasing in Oregon, why unfixable windows are a waste of money, when driving was a war crime, and more. Can we bring back the days when car pooling was patriotic?Photo Credit: American Legion

Did you miss the live webcast? Get it here for free—and take a quiz for continuing education credits too. Guinea pigs everywhere want to know: do you know as much about toxic chemicals as a building professional should?
The new Declare "nutrition label" and database will streamline the ardous task of finding Living Building Challenge-compliant products.
Wood smoke is still a guilty pleasure in the northern U.S. and Canada. But newer wood stove technologies produce less smoke—and less guilt. This gravity-fed pellet stove from Wiseway produces few emissions and uses no electricity.Photo Credit: Wiseway Pellet Stoves

Introducing the Resilient Design Institute: a new nonprofit organization that has been created in Brattleboro.