An early-morning photo on the West River Trail in Brattleboro. With planned improvements, this will become a great commuting route for bicyclists. Click to enlarge.Photo Credit: Alex Wilson

Turn off the lights, turn down the thermostat, and take shorter showers. Remembering to turn off the lights is easy and it saves a lot of energy.Photo Credit: Alex Wilson

A few shopping ideas for the holiday season. A Yuba cargo bike with precious cargo.Photo Credit: Yuba
Open-web, parallel-chord joists with solid-wood diagonal struts for use as superinsulated roof rafters. Open Joist Triforce rafters being installed on our house. Click to enlarge.Photo Credit: Alex Wilson

From high-tech BIPV to smarter plugs for the home, we found lots of great new products at Greenbuild this year.
The Forest Stewardship Council honors four stunning projects at Greenbuild for their use of sustainable timber. This rendering shows the Bullitt Center as envisioned.Photo Credit: Miller Hull Partnership

Using Foamglas instead of polystyrene to insulate beneath our basement slab and on the foundation walls. Eli Gould cutting Foamglas for use under our basement slab. Click to enlarge.Photo Credit: Alex Wilson


The Greenbuild conference, as usual, was the place to find out about innovations in green building products. Agepan THD wood-fiber insulative sheathing is now being sold by the Small Planet Workshop. Click to enlarge.Photo Credit: Small Planet Workshop

An easy-to-use online Fuel Cost Calculators lets you compare different fuels in terms of today’s energy costs.
Resilience and building science are the focus for our eleventh annual BuildingGreen Top-10 product awards.
There’s a lot to talk about after Tuesday’s elections: urban planning, Keystone XL, and whether America is in a death spiral.
Hurricane Sandy demonstrated the vulnerability of our dependence on automobiles; we need to become a lot more resilient.
From the most shocking photos to the most piercing analysis, we look at some of the best Sandy coverage this week.
One of the cleanest and most efficient ways to burn wood is provided by high-mass masonry heaters. A Tulikivi masonry heater made of soapstone with an integral bake oven and bench.Photo Credit: Tulikivi
Expensive callbacks and lawsuits can result when you don’t attend to the assembly details.