Bruce Brownell's impressive track record with foam-insulated low-energy homes Bruce Brownell has been building low-energy passive solar homes for four decades.Photo Credit: Adirondack Alternate Energy

As DoD rethinks its green building needs, a recommendation to keep using LEED is just the tip of the iceberg.

This post is the first in a series on the federal government’s use of green building certifications. Part 2: Sustainable Federal Buildings: What's the Law?

A gradual shift in the supply-and-demand balance for natural gas and increasing shipments of LNG will bring the prices back up, while the risks of fracking continue to be debated
Large fines levied on companies making deceptive claims about R-values
In a long-awaited cost report, the National Research Council recommends LEED Silver or its equivalent as the preferred green building standard for the military.
Why larger wind development projects make sense Two 2.5 MW wind turbines in the Sheffield, Vermont wind project. Click to enlarge.Photo Credit: Martin Holladay

I'm a huge fan of wind power, but we should recognize that some applications of wind don't make sense
Rather than releasing its final report on LEED and other rating systems, the agency posts recommendations and asks for more feedback.

Treating wastewater onsite can save owners money, but there are other good reasons too.

Living Machines and other types of constructed wetlands are beautiful, but they’re not ideal for every client. Onsite wastewater treatment might make sense for your next project, though, depending on factors like the site, the local infrastructure, and the owner’s mission.

Top-performing quad-glazed windows from Alpen installed with three low-e coatings and krypton gas fill R-12 windows from Alpen with three low-e coatings and krypton gas-fill. Click to enlarge.Photo Credit: Alex Wilson

My struggle to find reasonably energy-efficient exterior doors for our new house The wood-like fiberglass door we found for our farmhouse. Click to enlarge.Photo Credit: Alex Wilson

With an unusual keynote and tracks on resilience, systemic thinking, and cutting-edge pro tips, you’ll be lucky to catch BE13.
Stop procrastinating! Submissions for the 2013 COTE Top Ten Awards close on January 25. The Woods Hole Research Center and many others have set a high bar for AIA COTE Top Ten awards. Does your project have what it takes?Photo Credit: McDonough+Partners

Ease off on the gas — and other behavioral changes to reduce energy for transportation A no-idling sign in my home town to remind residents not to idle their cars.Photo Credit: Stan Howe

A proposed change to the residential building code (International Residential Code) would eliminate the need for halogenated flame retardants in many applications