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  • Building Decarbonization: How LCA and EPDs Fit in


    Life-cycle assessment and environmental product declarations reveal embodied carbon and other impacts, but it’s important to know their limits.

  • Understanding Emission Scopes in the GHG Protocol


    The GHG Protocol’s three emission scopes acknowledge the complexities of supply and demand while also encouraging sector-wide alignment, consistent transparency, and support for science-based decarbonization targets. 

  • Demystifying Climate Change Lingo: From Scope 3 to SSP


    Climate change is complicated, and the terminology can also be hard to decipher. Here’s a short glossary of a few relevant terms.

  • 30 Years of Green Building in the U.S.


    As The BuildingGreen Report (formerly Environmental Building News, or “EBN”) celebrates its 30th year of publication, we decided to track the growth—and explosion—of the green building movement. We start in 1990 with the founding of AIA’s Committee on the Environment.

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