Feature Article

Cost-Effective Green Retrofits: Opportunities for Savings in Existing Buildings

Between lighting, water use, mechanical systems, the building envelope, and occupant health, existing buildings are rife with cost-effective retrofits and operational opportunities that also offer environmental benefits. Improvements range from the painfully obvious to the more complex and involved.

March 26, 2009

Start with the basics. There is an abundance of opportunities, right beneath our noses, for realizing operational savings and environmental benefits at the same time. If there is a “green lining” to the recession (as EBN explored in Jan. 2009), one piece of it may be a renewed focus on low-cost and no-cost green solutions. Experts interviewed for this article provided examples like these:

• Disabling a broken irrigation sprinkler head that had poured out 100,000 gallons (38,000 l) of water over the last two years.