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Maine Outlawed PFAS in Everything: How Will That Work?

With a recent Maine regulation, PFAS “forever chemicals” are regulated as a category—not chemical by chemical.

Carpets and fabrics will be the first to go. Come 2023, the sale of carpets, rugs, and textiles with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) will be against the law in the state of Maine.

These “forever chemicals,” ubiquitous in building products, are used as stain and dirt repellents not only on carpets and textiles, but also in materials like caulks and adhesives. In addition to banning PFAS in carpets and textiles, Maine is requiring disclosure of intentionally added PFAS in all other products by 2023, and then prohibiting the sale of any product containing intentionally added PFAS by 2030. (There will be exceptions for unavoidable uses.)

Published March 7, 2022

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