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New Owner of TimberSIL Hopes to Put Failures in the Past

Everyone loved the treated-wood alternative until its high-profile failures. For the next maker of TimberSIL, quality control is job one.

TimberSIL is the nontoxic future of treated wood. We can’t get TimberSIL. We’re getting TimberSIL! TimberSIL doesn’t work. TimberSIL is bankrupt. TimberSIL is coming back?

TimberSIL promises new approach to treated wood

TimberSIL, introduced in 2004, uses sodium silicate to protect wood fibers from decay by encasing them in a microscopic glass-like structure. TimberSIL has been full of promise: it could allow us to enjoy natural wood in decking and even in ground-contact applications while freeing us of exposure to the heavy metals and pesticides used in conventional pressure-treated lumber. BuildingGreen named it a Top 10 Green Building Product in 2004.

Published April 4, 2016