Product Review

Treated Wood for Ground Contact, Minus the Toxic Pesticides

Accoya, now code-approved for fungus and termite resistance, relies on acetylation as a benign alternative to conventional pressure-treated wood.

Connect occupants with nature: great idea, but who asked for the toxic fallout?

Insect- and rot-resistant boardwalk sleepers, decking, and exterior structural members are commonly needed to provide low-impact access to the outdoors. But there’s really no perfect solution, especially given the need for products that are code-rated for ground contact. You end up choosing between wood treated with toxic metals and biocides on the one hand, or aesthetically and environmentally iffy plastics on the other (see The Great Eight: High-Impact Material Choices). But there may finally be a dark horse racing up to take their place.

Published September 7, 2016

Melton, P. (2016, September 7). Treated Wood for Ground Contact, Minus the Toxic Pesticides. Retrieved from