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Schools Cite Health as a Top Reason for Going Green

The connection between sustainable school buildings and student performance can be difficult to quantify—but the idea that children learn more readily when they can see, hear, and breathe clearly isn’t exactly controversial. This year, a full 89% of K–12 school respondents in a recent market survey conducted by McGraw-Hill Construction listed enhanced health and well-being among the most important reasons to build, retrofit, and operate greener schools. That number is up from 61% in 2007 and puts health nearly on par with operational cost savings among primary- and secondary-school officials.

“Financial compensation has always been an important driver,” notes Michele Russo, director of green content and research communications at McGraw-Hill Construction (MHC), but the nearly equal focus on “positive environmental health impacts” surprised her, she said. “This is different from what drives the other sectors.” Russo added, “I think we’re going to see more of that playing out within other sectors” and pointed to healthcare, hospitality, and retail construction as areas where health and financial considerations could easily dovetail.

Published March 18, 2013

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