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Hi folks,

We will be having a call for the Sustainable MEP Leaders group on Monday, April 8 at 3pm Eastern time. Hope you can join us! We'll be talking about our first in-person Summit, as well as diving into discussion about some top-of-mind topics related to being a sustainability point person within an MEP commercial practice. Here’s... Read more

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Peer networks that allow knowledge sharing and collaboration between sustainability professionals

The Sustainable Design Leaders network and Summit events started over 10 years ago, when a group of sustainable designers realized that the struggles they faced and the goals they strove toward were shared by many... Read more

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Revise the titles of Case 1 and 2 as follows:

Case 1. Waste Management Services
Case 2. Commitment to Waste Management Services

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I received the following email from Naajia at Southface.  I'll be out of town until November 8, but I'll see if there's time for me to address at least the second part before I leave:

A question regarding the BIT-User Forum was brought to my attention by a participant. Apparently when you are posting a question and you pick your location... Read more

Peer Networks

Want to make your virtual meetings wildly effective, connective, and fun?

This fall, join us for something game-changing you can take back to your job pronto. Learn how to make your virtual meetings stand out - not just because they’re energizing, but because they’re also crazy effective.

Meetings have always been a challenge to get... Read more

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WELL & Fitwel and beyond.

Guiding Questions:

Is this a luxury item? What experiences are people having with these? How do we utilize Health & Wellness based strategies/thresholds in our design approach without going for a certification? How does this apply to our work? Which program has been more broadly adopted? and why? I... Read more

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Welcome to the quiz portion of Introducing Fitwel v2.1!

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

1.  Explain the purpose of the Fitwel standard, including how it advances the goals of health and well-being of building occupants—as well as public health.

2. List nine ways in... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Eight Tips for Passing the LEED v4 AP BD+C Exam.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. List important tables and calculations from the reference guide.
2. Explain what's pertinent about credit options and documentation.
3. Detail... Read more

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Hi All, we have about 40 people in our network of Sustainable Construction Leaders.  These positions are not as numerous as they should be, and companies often have a difficult time applying a monetary value to what we bring to the table. 

Participating in the salary survey can provide insights that help us all interpret our relative... Read more

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Hi amazing people!

Most of our projects are now going with some form of gender neutral/all-gender/inclusive toilet rooms or those that can easily be converted to such. With no urinals, we lose 3 LEED points because urinals are very water-efficient. With urinals, it's not as pure a solution. Do you all just take a hit on the LEED points,... Read more

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Hello SD Leaders!

I recently joined and looking forward to all the amazing dialog. I was told that for membership to be official, I must reveal my unsustainable secret. As much as I preach environmental protection in architecture, I’m a bit of a motorhead with a 1967 HP 289 Mustang that I resurrected from a junk yard when I was 16 — that... Read more

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Remove the extra "s" in "isssued"

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I have a colleague researching existing, proposed, or anticipated changes to urban planning and building codes that encourage lower carbon footprints.

Can anyone comment on or point me to resources on how cities are using carbon footprint analysis and carbon reduction in permitting, now or in the future?

Some specific topics that... Read more

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Remove the following text:OPTION 1. Chemical Management (1 point)Replace with:WE Credit 4.1 (1 point): Chemical Management

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Hello all, 

Any Fitwel experts out there? I have a 30,000 sf boutique hotel + spa client who would like to certify under the Fitwel rating system but Fitwel folks are telling me that no scorecard is currently available to hotel clients (can't use mulit-tenant or resi, that a hotel scorecard is under development). Has anyone used Fitwel... Read more


Sarah is responsible for managing BuildingGreen’s accounting department and ensuring smooth office operations. 

She also oversees and implements all facets of Human Resources, including recruiting and hiring, reviews, conflict resolution, and maintaining appropriate records. A member of the BuildingGreen staff since 2012, Sarah's ... Read more

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Add showers and kitchen sinks to the list of fixtures:
"Calculations are based on estimated occupant usage and must include only the following fixtures and fixture fittings (as applicable to the project scope): water closets, urinals, lavatory faucets, showers, kitchen sink faucets and pre-rinse spray valves. Fixtures used for clinical use... Read more