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Hello Gurus,

I’m writing to share with you an effort a small group of lighting designers from the Boston area started which is now rolling into a large scale effort.  We’ve put together a Lighting Advocacy Letter to accelerate the sustainability of lighting products. Inspired by the AIA Materials Pledge, the letter is intended to... Read more

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I took a first pass at content for the Energy Audit best practice, see the uploaded file. 

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Hi All,

I'm working on a LEED for Schools project under 2009, and received some amorphous comments back about our Mold Prevention Plan. We used the LEEDuser template as a guide, while also referencing the EPA document the credit is based around, but the reviewers feel we haven't provided proper metrics. The EPA plan is something like... Read more

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Green Gurus,

We'd love your feedback.

The MEP group is endeavoring to make progress on integrative design. It has been long accepted that integrative design is necessary to make real progress, but a lack of stellar results demonstrates that it is easier said than done.

What is your experience with successes and failures... Read more

Product Guide

Sheathing should be designed for durability, but some sheathing materials can be toxic or may contribute to moisture issues inside the building envelope.

BuildingGreen-Approved Sheathing

Sheathing approved by BuildingGreen contains recycled content, rapidly renewable materials, or otherwise provides exceptional performance, such... Read more

Peer Networks


The Sustainable Construction Leaders peer network brings together the best and most committed sustainable construction practitioners in North America. We invite you to join us!

Benefits Private online forum: The perfect setting to ask questions and get advice from peers on issues that affect your work. You’ll also get access to... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Video: Making the Green Insulation Choice for Your Project.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Discuss how insulation works.
2. Explain why certain materials make more sense than others in particular applications.
3. Summarize... Read more

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Happy Friday Everyone!

Hoping to add a bit of excitement to the end of your week: 

Here is the Sustainable Design Leaders 2020 Summer Summit Report. 


RoseAnn for Nadav, Candace, and the BuildingGreen team

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Dear Colleagues,

I proposed CarbonCure for a project and the structural engineer in the meeting was opposed to it. He later sent me detailed reasoning by email. I have not used this technology and would like to hear other more experienced opinions on the technology. The project we are working on is well integrated with climate, 99% sDA,... Read more

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This webinar occurred on Tuesday, September 27, 2022, 2pm Eastern

The new “Contractor’s Commitment to Sustainable Building Practices" calls on firms to practice green building on the jobsite and beyond. But what has really been accomplished during the program's... Read more

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HGA is looking to fill several positions, including: a senior leader for resilience services and research, senior and junior simulation experts, senior and junior sustainability leaders. Please pass this along to anyone interested in working in a collaborative, passionate, and seriously fun team setting. Locations all over the country too.... Read more

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Ali Flynn and Alejandra Arce Gomez are planning a breakout meeting for the Waste Managment Group for all interested. 

Please fill out the doodle poll below so that we can find a good time:

Ali and Alejandra have drafted an updated version of the Commitment for Waste (attached) after... Read more

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Thought this was worth sharing - Lance Davis, who manages the P100 program for GSA just posted to an email group i belong to that the GSA P100 program is to be updated in 2024.  In service to that, there is a "P100 Change Proposal Form" available for folks to make helpful suggestions.

They are asking for suggestions, i think we should... Read more

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I'm putting together information on natural gas bans (or put another way, all electric buildings) for an advocacy effort and looking for some experts. Anyone have thoughts on banning natural gas and other fossil fuels on residential projects? Specifically what are the considerations/challenges/opportunities at each scale (single family, low... Read more

Peer Network Event

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We're looking to expand our design performance group - let Peter or me know if you have someone to recommend to us! Here's the description. 


Pierce Quéry, Roving Reporter


This summit was pre-approved for  6 GBCI CE hours.

Please complete the survey question to confirm... Read more

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I'd love to hear thoughts from the design, consulting, and contracting firms in this group about ways to make our specs more inclusive, or at least less exclusive to minority and women owned contractors and subcontractors and others that have not had the benefit of what a recent "Equity in Specs" presenter termed the "Fathers / Brothers / In-... Read more