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Just in time for Saturday Night!!

Get out the popcorn and put away Netflix!
For those who were unfortunate enough to miss this LIVE - you still get to watch the awesome talents of our community! 

You sadly miss out on the camaraderie, connection and wonderfullness of hanging out with everyone (not recorded!) but you do get... Read more

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I was talking to Nadav recently about job posting opportunities through Building Green and/or through the Peer network.  He shared this topic has been discussed in the past, and thought I should send a question out to the network.  I am guessing many of you are looking for talent right now too?  Wouldn't it be cool to know people of have been... Read more

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Should the Best Practice names always be accompanied by their number? See the attached screenshots, all taken from the main forum page:

Best Practice labels next to individual forum posts Best Practice names in the forum filter dropdown Best Practices in the main navigation dropdown menu

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Fellow Sages,

I was at an interesting lecture last night. Phil Bernstein (formerly of Autodesk, now at Yale) was speaking (in Lawrence, Kansas, at the U of Kansas) about AI and design/AEC ... you may know that he authored the 2022 book, Machine Learning, about AI and the AEC field. 

Phil has a very interesting posture about AI... Read more

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Has anyone vetted through all the Epoxy and Resin-based flooring systems to see which flooring application is "healthier"?

Below is a preapproved list from our local health department:
• Tera Lite • Stonhard Stonclad, Stonclad Ut, Stonshield Hri • Sunbelt 110 • Everlast • Westcoat Epoxy Mortar, Slurry, Or Double Broadcast • Dex-O-... Read more

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See this paper regarding outside air vs. filtration.

MERV-13 is a good way to get most benefits without a huge cost.

Luke Leung

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Hello Sustainable Construction Leaders, 

Mark your calendars! The next quarterly SCL call will be Wednesday, July 28th, 3pm ET (noon PT) and will focus on ESG.

Check in with three contractors at varying levels of development in their ESG programs. Julia Gisewite from Turner Construction, Jennifer Taranto from STO Building Group,... Read more

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Hi All,

I want to share this report, released today, that I and some other folks on Green Gurus have been working on.  The report dispels the myth that Zero Energy Buildings cost more (specifically in Massachusetts) and it goes further, making the case that Zero Energy Buildings are actually great investments.  Take a look, tell us what... Read more

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Sorry this is last minute but it just came to my mind to share this as I am looking forward to this roundtable which is happenging Wed, July27th from 12-1pm EST. 

The Built Environment Plus Women in Green Roundtable is hosting some amazing women in the industry who are working on DEI issues for a panel discussion.  The conversation... Read more

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If you have a moment and are working in the IAQ arena, please consider filling out this survey, and you could also win an AirGradient ONE monitor. (Check my review video here:

I also have access to the results and will happily share the data whenever... Read more

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Welcome to the 13th Annual Sustainable Design Leaders Summit!

This year’s Summit will be virtual. While we’d prefer to be in-person, of course, we have lots of ideas and strategies for making the online event collaborative and engaging. You might be surprised by what’s possible. As always, the agenda will be set by you, the participants. What... Read more

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Many on this list teach or have strong contacts with university programs, so I'm hoping to leverage our network in service of something that may be of general benefit.

EDR has a Research Fellowship program where we host young talent for 3 or 12 months addressing new theme each year. The Fellow(s) get "academic freedom" and have no... Read more

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Hi all,

I wanted to reach out to fellow MEP energy modeling teams to assess everyone's experience with the new PCI calculation methodology in 2016. It was a substantial change in how we show savings on projects. Big changes can often come with un-intended consequences. I'm all for pushing to higher efficiency - just want to make sure we... Read more

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