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Water treatment systems often rely on harsh chemicals to treat bacteria, and on high water use from drawdown of water to reduce build-up of concentrates—a process called blowdown.

BuildingGreen-Approved Water Treatment

BuildingGreen approves systems that:

work on proven scientific principles and are supported by strong track... Read more

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Hi all,

We have been noodling on how to preference socially just building products and are feeling a little overwhelmed by the number of questions that we would need to ask our suppliers. Essentially we find ourselves wishing that there was a fair trade label for building products very similar to the one for global agriculture. Or, maybe... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Full-Blown Energy Modeling.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Explain the role of the energy modeler and how each energy model opens an informed discussion between the entire project team about the interactions between architectural and... Read more

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Hey all,

At the retreat, many of you spoke to me about wanting to learn more about our Foundations Resilience event in Houston in November. As it happens, our website just went live and I thought that I would share it with the whole group. Registration (for those interested) will be up and running very soon, but this should give you a... Read more

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Please use this thread for you're actions / ideas for creating more sustainable job site construction office trailers.

I know that Pepper Construction led the way with a Net Zero Construction Jobsite Trailer. (Thanks Susan Heinking!)  Is this a one off?  Any lessons learned? Any one else pursing this?  Is pepper the first and only doing... Read more

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Hello all, 

Any Fitwel experts out there? I have a 30,000 sf boutique hotel + spa client who would like to certify under the Fitwel rating system but Fitwel folks are telling me that no scorecard is currently available to hotel clients (can't use mulit-tenant or resi, that a hotel scorecard is under development). Has anyone used Fitwel... Read more

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HI All,

I have been tasked with putting together a cost comparison of doing a LEED v4 Gold building vs. making that same building Passive House. Obviously they are two different systems, with two different outcomes, and it's not really intended as a total apples to apples cost comparison, but more a value comparison for a developer.... Read more

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The energy efficiency of refrigerators has improved dramatically in the last several decades due to advancements such as increased insulation, tighter door seals, and more efficient compressors.

BuildingGreen-Approved Refrigerators

Product lines approved by BuildingGreen are from companies that... Read more

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Air movement keeps occupants comfortable when it's warm, so cooling setpoints can be higher, and natural ventilation is a viable option even at higher temps and humidity.

BuildingGreen-Approved Ceiling Fans

BuildingGreen approves Energy Star-certified ceiling fans with ECMs—motors using electronic commutators.

Energy and... Read more

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A colleague just pointed out an article about M-Fire. Its a factory applied fire inhibitor for wood construction. It's GreenGuard Gold but I can't find any real information. Have any of you heard of this or have any idea what it actually is? Read more

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Does anyone have any comparative analysis/reviews of the various energy modeling protocols that includes the 'new' Trane TRACE interface?


Robert Phinney

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Hi All,

As of February 1, I’ll no longer be on this Forum as I don’t fit into any of the roles of SDL (yet) and I respect this space as a haven for those who do.  Helping to form this network with Nellie, Jim and Nadav has been a highlight of my career. Its truly exciting to see SDL networks finally expand to other practice areas.  I am... Read more

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Sustainable Design Leaders Application for Peer Network Membership

The Sustainable Design Leaders peer group brings together the most committed sustainable design directors from leading architecture firms throughout North America. We invite you to apply for membership.

We look for the following attributes:

You are in a... Read more