Candace Pearson leads BuildingGreen’s consulting practice in the areas of alternative project delivery models, collaborative construction contracts, and owner representation. Candace believes that the best projects come from project teams aligned around values, and that such alignment can be reinforced by clear, artfully-crafted contracts. She... Read more

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Credit - Rating System Correction

Revise title of Option 1 to 'Inorganic waste collection and processing'.
Add Communities to be applicable to Option 1 and allocate 2-5 points

Credit - Rating System Correction

Add a third column to the table, reading as follows: Current Baseline (Metric Units) 6 liters per flush (lpf) Except blow-out fixtures: 13.5 lpf 4.0 lpf 8.5 liters per minute (lpm) at 4 bar (58 psi), private applications only (hotel or motel guest rooms, hospital patient rooms) 2.0 lpm at 4 bar (58 psi), all others except private applications 1... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

Below the "OPTION 2" heading, insert the heading "CASE 1. Non-Residential Projects"

Credit - Rating System Correction

Under Access to Transit Facilites, add a new footnote after "...or a pulse point..." that reads as:

"Pulse point is a transport node where multiple modes of transport may converge or pass through with each of them having a defined frequency and are coordinated with each other."

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Hi all!

I've heard several people talk about developing tools for assessing/codifying a client's values for a project as part of an integrated design process (ie. a set of questions, survey, etc.). Would anyone be willing to share?

(Z, are you listening? I specifically recall you mentioning a tool like this...)

Thanks!... Read more

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SDL Group -

Hi all!  After a brief hiatus from the group to move from New Orleans to Portland (OR), start a new job at ZGF Architects, buy a house, and  see my baby boy become a toddler (all in the past year!)---- I'm ready to plug back into the group.  Seeing folks at the ILFI conference re-energized me to reengage :)

So…..does... Read more

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Are FSC glulams available? By many manufacturers? Which ones?

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We are working on a large, commercial, LEED project in the Wash DC area, and the Construction Management firm needs LEED administrative/documentation assistance on their end of the process.  The construction is underway but the CM lacks the staff. 

Can anyone suggest a LEED consultant in the DC area that can work for the CM -- managing... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

Delete Option 1. No Off-street Parking and rename Option 2. Reduce Parking as follows:
"Option 1. No Parking or Reduce Parking"

In the paragraph beginning "Provide parking capacity that is..." delete the language "recommended by the Parking Consultants Council, as shown in the Institute of Transportation Engineers'... Read more

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I was recently tasked by my CEO to uncover some qualitative (interviews) and quantitative (surveys) data within our organization related to the value remote working has had on our organization. He's specifically interested in questions such as how this experience has enhanced our value as teams, unity or disunity as a firm? Where has it ... Read more

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Option 3. Comprehensive Alternative Transportation Program

Path 1. Alternative Transportation Program Strategies (1-5 points)
Implement an alternative transportation program to reduce the conventional travel rates of building occupants. Include elements from the following two categories... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

Replace the paragraph with the following:Locate the project within a region served by a metropolitan planning organization (MPO) and within a transportation analysis zone (TAZ) where either a) the current annual home-based vehicle miles traveled (VMT) per capita (if TAZ is 100% residential) or b) the annual non-home-based VMT per employee (if TAZ... Read more

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Untreated rainwater leaving a developed site is effectively a chemical spill, laden with pollutants that include oil, sediment, heavy metals, nitrogen, and phosphorous. The heat carried by stormwater is also harmful to fish and other aquatic organisms.

BuildingGreen-Approved Systems

We approve systems that:

are designed to... Read more

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Replace the text of the fourth bulleted item with the following:All hard surface flooring must meet the requirements of the FloorScore?standard (current as of the date of this rating system, or more stringentversion) as shown with testing by an independent third-party. Mineral-basedfinish flooring products such as tile, masonry, terrazzo, and... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Sustainable Sites: Primers from Environmental Building News.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1) Describe how invasive plants can harm an ecosystem, and why native plants are generally less work and less expensive.
2) Explain the... Read more