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We had these conversations grouped by size of firm. 

Guiding Questions:

Knowledge Management By Firm Size

How to give people the info they need, when they need it?

Is the COTE Top Ten a good framework?

This seems extremely daunting in a large firm. How do we manage content that is produced and shared... Read more

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Hi All,

I want to share this report, released today, that I and some other folks on Green Gurus have been working on.  The report dispels the myth that Zero Energy Buildings cost more (specifically in Massachusetts) and it goes further, making the case that Zero Energy Buildings are actually great investments.  Take a look, tell us what... Read more

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Our guys have started talking about how the built enviroment can address infection transmission in public spaces - places like lobbies and waiting rooms, particularly in applications where people queue - theaters, airport gates, amusment parks, etc.  In the specific case of Covid-19, we know the microbe can be transmitted three ways:  fomite (... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Ten Strategies for Growth in a Recession.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Understand the importance of diversifying.
2. Restate the benefits to doing energy-modeling analysis very early in the design process.
3. Discuss how... Read more


This summit was pre-approved for 10 AIA HSW LUs and 10 GBCI CE hours.

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By providing your credential numbers in your profile, you will enable us to automatically report these CEUs to the organization. Please first check your profile to be sure your... Read more

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Product Guide

Conventional boilers burn fossil fuels, contributing to global warming and other environmental crises.

BuildingGreen-Approved Boilers

Indoor wood boilers approved by BuildingGreen require a steady-state efficiency (S.S.) or combustion efficiency (Ec) of 80%. Multi-fuel boilers must have efficiencies of at least 80% using wood and... Read more

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Want to make sure those in Portland are aware of a couple of LF18 Ramp-Up Events happening on April 10th. 

Introduction to the Living Building Challenge (presented by Kathleen Smith)

Incentivizing Living Buildings in Portland 
https://... Read more

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Hi SDLers! I hope early fall is finding you well.

There is a current opportunity to make a difference in the campaign to reduce use of toxic flame retardants.

Arlene Blum and the Green Science Policy Institute, whom many of you know, are currently organizing a campaign of support for the CA State Fire Marshal's proposal to allow... Read more

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We are attempting to use Tally on a couple projects and are wondering how others are using the tool in their design process. If any experienced users out there would be willing to have a brief phone conversation I would appreciate it. Thanks

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I'm passing on an alarming (and truly Orwellian!) message from the AIA that some may have received:

The AIA is aware (and has been actively addressing) that there is a draft executive order circulating for consideration by White House officials that would officially designate “classical” architecture as the preferred style for the... Read more

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Hi Gurus, given these crazy times and many good people being laid off - I'm hoping this is coming at a good time! Hope you are all safe and healthy! It's also flexible so if you are a parent of young child(ren) - also a good 'pandemic job' - sad that that's a "thing" now!

Job description: Project Manager for Green Building Startup

... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of How to Make Integrated Project Delivery Work for Your Project.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. State three problems that Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) promises to solve.
2. Dispel four misconceptions about IPD that have... Read more