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HI MEP Leaders,

Related to our thread about equipment needed for decarbonization, I have a question about what new or improved equipment is already available now that you're excited about.

Every year we at BuildingGreen publish (and present at Greenbuild) a listing of the Top-10 new and exciting products. Our focus this year is on... Read more

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Hello Green Gurus,

Thank you for your patience while we pulled together the summer summit reports and getting them posted, sorry it took so long!

You can see the most recent summit reports for SDL, SCL, and MEP near the top-left of the Resources page in the Peer Networks Hub.

A friendly reminder, these reports are sharable... Read more

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Hello everyone!

I'll be using this thread to post call reminders and notes.

To start us off, the next call is this coming Tuesday, March 24th at 1pm Eastern.

The topics we will be discussing include:

Around the “room” quick check-in. How’s everyone doing? What’s top of mind for you? Able to keep projects and... Read more

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Hey all - sorry I won't be able to join our call today. I had a client request an emergency meeting today (boo) because corporate mandated that they eliminate fossil fuel use from all their buildings (yay!) by 2025 and they've got a project underway that needs to pivot quickly. 

Had I been able to join, I wanted to share this in case... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

Below Option 6, add a 7th option:


Show that the building has been previously certified under LEED for Homes."

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On LEEDuser we divide checklists into multiple project phases. Specifically:

Before the performance period Construction Construction documents Design development During the performance period Operations & maintenance Pre-design Schematic design

How many of these phases are relevant for BIT best practices?

Note that we also... Read more

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Hi, and welcome to the Sustainable MEP Leaders Peer Network! 

This online forum is one of the ways we can stay connected and support each other as we collaborate to help MEP design achieve its highest potential as an element of sustainable and regenerative buildings. Please introduce yourself with a little about where you work, what you'... Read more

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Replace the second sentence of the paragraph with "Temporary irrigation systems used for plant establishment are allowed only if removed within a period not to exceed 18 months of installation."

Reports, Courses, Study Guides, Live Webinars

Returning to work: for many, it’s unthinkable without some kind of reassurance that leadership and the facilities team have taken all possible precautions. Lots of organizations are weighing in on what we should pay attention to, but how do we know if it’s working?

The free Re-entry program from Arc is a tracking and measurement... Read more

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We are working on a Core & Shell project with a developer that we work with frequently. I'm looking for advice on best approaches to achieving the Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment credit- we haven't used TALLY and done this type of analysis before. What are some approaches to achieving this credit that others have found successful? I... Read more

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For those who tuned into the Green Gurus presentation earlier this week, there was a question that came up during my presentation on NZE/NZC programs regarding whether ILFI allows the offsite renewable energy exception for LBC and Energy Petal projects (as opposed to NZE or NZC). I just double checked with them and it turns out they... Read more

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Hello SDL Leaders,

Over the past month, I have been working with ILFI to navigate the question of residuals in LBC compliant products vs. products reporting for a Declare label.

Through our conversations, it came to light that ILFI considers the LBC Red List threshold to be 10,000 ppm, rather than the 100 ppm written into the... Read more

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Hi folks,

I hope you've seen the plug to sign onto the letter that's generated a flurry of messages on Green Gurus--I also emailed it out directly to everyone. We've got lots of architects on board, and a handful of engineers, but I think we just have one contractor so far (Thanks Theresa!)--it would be really awesome to have more.

... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

In the first line of the first paragraph, replace the word "building" with "tenant space" so the text becomes "...for the tenant spaces (not..."

Credit - Rating System Correction

Revise second sentence language to read as follows:

“Fulfill the requirements of Case 1 or Case 2, Option 1 (with no minor improvements within buffer areas) under SLL Prerequisite Wetland and Water Body Conservation.”