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A seal of approval is a useful guide. It lets you know at a glance that a product meets a trusted source’s standards for performance. But in a sea of logos, any particular program becomes harder to discern and understand. 

In this report, BuildingGreen takes a comparative look at the LEED v4, LEED v4.1, WELL v1, and WELL v2 standards... Read more

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Thank you BuildingGreen for yesterday's fun news and much needed chuckles.  I really appreciated the GOOP article the most! I mean, dare I say, a kegel powered elevator - absolutely brilliant!

If you have not seen the April Fool's edition, take a look at the talent and time that was put into these stories.

https://www.... Read more

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Hi Fellow SD Leaders: This webinar from the AIA and the Building Resilience Coalition looks highly relevant and with some great speakers. It's free and open to all (I think...not sure how AIAU works for non-members.)

Free climate change risk webinar 10/23

Join members of 52 organizations of the Resilience Building Coalition for... Read more

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Hi All,

It's been a great week to get the message out about the importance of sustainability in our work, and this group brings such a rich and nuanced perspective to the table. I'm asking, if you published something for earth day this week for external consumption, could you share that here? I'm curious to see if there are common themes... Read more

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* This gets complicated -- how much should happen on the dashboard and how much should happen in the actual Discussion forum?

Hold off on discussions for Phase 1. What should be here instead for... Read more



Welcome to the quiz portion of Can Commercial Kitchens Go Electric?

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

Understand why building electrification can be better for the environment and human health than use of fossil fuels, including natural gas.

List eight reasons... Read more

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I'm the Director of Sustainability at Columbia Construction.  We're headquartered in the Boston area and primarily work in the Northeast.  Along with the typical challenges of projects and evolving rating systems, I'm looking forward to learning and sharing strategies for corporate sustainability progress.

This past year I'm proud to... Read more

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Credit - Rating System Correction

Under Table 1, allowed test methods column, row 1 for carbon monoxide, Replace the accuracy for direct calibrated electrochemical instruments with "+/- 3% of reading and resolution of 0.1 ppm. NDIR CO Sensors with accuracy of 1% of 10 ppm full scale and display resolution of less than 0.1ppm"

Credit - Rating System Correction

In the first paragraph replace the word "used" with "analyzed," so that the section reads:
Document how the above analysis informed building and site design decisions in the project’s OPR and BOD. Demonstrate how at least one on-site nonpotable water supply source was analyzed to reduce the burden on municipal supply or wastewater... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

Delete the following text in the subparagraph, "Providing a discounted parking rate is an acceptable substitute for preferred parking for carpool or vanpool vehicles. In order to establish a meaningful incentive in all potential markets, the parking rate must be discounted at least 20%. The discounted rate must be available to all customers (i.e... Read more

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Credit - Rating System Correction

Remove the fifth bulleted item

Product Guide

Tumble-dry electric-resistance clothes dryers use a significant amount of energy and pull conditioned air from the living space, compounding the energy waste.

BuildingGreen-Approved Clothes Dryers

BuildingGreen lists clothes dryers that use heat pump technology, with a preference for those that are not vented to the outdoors.... Read more

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I'm happy to let you know that Barbra Batshalom has joined the Green Gurus forum!

Many of you already know her from her Sustainable Performance Institute work, and from the great workshop she and her husband Moshe Cohen led before our Boston Summit, but she is also serving a consulting SD Leader for several firms. I'll let her say more... Read more

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The NYC SDL Group met to discuss the recent SDL Summit Report. The North Star tenant "About the well being of all species" spurred discussion of an example of building's impact on other species: bird collisions. Links to some resources to address this issue are below. Feel free to ask me and/or Stefan Knust about it. We would be more than happy... Read more