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Hello- I'm curious if anyone has created a visual or 1 pager "roadmap" on thier SCL committments. The use would be a conversation starter for project site visits (many that aren't SCL projects) to get feedback, suggestions and hear any challenges from Superintendents/PM's. Maybe something that connects to a A1-C4 visual? If you've done... Read more


We think fresh water supplies are endless, but this idealistic vision is clouded by the smoke of countless forest fires in the U.S. West and elsewhere. Instead of endless bounty, climate change is bringing us catastrophic droughts and flooding that now dominate the headlines and threaten entire regions.

This report covers innovative... Read more

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Sujatha Das of Haskell has put together a survey to help define the role of a Construction Company Sustainability Manager--I thought this is something many here might be willing to help with, and benefit from! 

Sujatha will share the results of the survey with those that participate assuming they provide the optional contact information... Read more

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Everyone agreed during last Friday's meeting that we want to call the site BITuser. The question, however, is what domain name should be used.

Whatever domain name is chosen, it will redirect to the actual site URL -- (similar to how redirects to

... Read more

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For those at Islandwood for the Summer Summit this week, we have this post-Summit meeting opportunity with James Connelly and Kathleen Smith from ILFI. This is one in a series of "Living Building Leaders" meetings, at which architects who support LBC get to collaborate with ILFI on how scale up LBC adoption.

Here's the agenda for this... Read more

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Join us for the Peer Networks-exclusive version of this Greenbuild presentation!

Register HERE.

A New Standard in Facade Design
November 30th, 2020
1pm - 2pm ET (10am - 11am PT)

Description and Presenters: Current façade design focuses more on operating carbon (or energy), even when embodied carbon is accounted... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

Delete Option 1 header text "Option 1. ASHRAE Standard 55-2017"
Delete Option 2 text :
Option 2. ISO Standards
Design HVAC systems and the building envelope to meet the requirements of the applicable standard:
• ISO 7730:2005, Ergonomics of the Thermal Environment, analytical determination and interpretation... Read more

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Remove the fifth bulleted item

Product Guide

CEUs are available for reading our entire plumbing guide. Click here to learn more and take the quiz.

Some older pre-rinse spray valves found in large commercial kitchens can use as much as five gallons per minute (gpm) of water for up to four hours a day. 

BuildingGreen-Approved Spray Valves

Pre-rinse spray valves listed... Read more

Product Guide

Our guideline of 1.5 gmp exceeds that of WaterSense and CALGreen. We also suggest performance criteria.

Everyone wants to save water, but low-flow shower units have been faulted for delivering poor performance—leading people to spend more time in the shower or to remove the showerhead and replace it with an older, higher-flow showerhead... Read more

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Hello Sustainable MEP Leaders!

BuildingGreen is already hard at work planning next year's MEP Summit. We are looking at venues in Denver, CO and dates in late May or early June.

In order to book a venue, we need to nail down dates soon. Please fill out this Doodle poll to let us know which of these would work for you. All of the... Read more

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I am looking for anyone that specializes in this area, see the principles below.

We have looked at HOK's Neurodiveristy document which is great. Are there other resources like this, or other designers/consultants you have worked with?



Kristen... Read more

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Hello Sustainable MEP Leaders!

I have an exciting announcement today, fall Peer Network events are now open for registration! You can see all the event details and register here!

Based on feedback we received from past events and the most recent surveys, we decided against doing one long week of events for this fall and instead... Read more


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Does anyone have a draft copy of the ASHRAE 209P standard? It has not been finalized? See an overview of it here from IBPSA 2016 summer meeting.

The 209 committee plans to release it for a 3rd public review and hopes to finalize it in late winter or early spring. I'm just trying to track down one of the earlier verisons of the document... Read more

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The AIA New Orleans 2030 Committee is running RISING21 this week, November 11th and 12th from 1:30-5:30pm ET. This is the second year of these sessions that aspire to advance awareness and knowledge around climate and access to affordable energy among practitioners from the AEC industry. We invite architects, MEP professionals, interior... Read more

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In Requirements, under Furniture evaluation, revise the second sentence to read: Comply with ANSI/BIFMA e3-2011 Furniture Sustainability Standard, Sections 7.6.1 (for half credit, by cost) OR 7.6.2 (for full credit, by cost), using either the concentration modeling approach or the emissions factor approach.
In Further Explanation, Table 5... Read more