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Jerelyn Wilson’s work with BuildingGreen started in 1985 as an owner and member of the Board of Directors. Since then, her evolving roles have included HR Director, Outreach Director, and currently CEO. She is responsible for working with mid-sized to large architecture firms to implement sustainability education, as well as professional... Read more

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I've been researching the job description for "Director of Sustainability" and Sustainability Director" as I'm at a point where Sustainability Specialist no longer seems to fit.  If you have either of these titles and are willing to share your job description with me, I'd appreciate it. I need to write my own job decription and I can write what... Read more

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After talking to UL today, I thought it will be good for them to do a presentation on what they see in embodied energy/carbon road map of MEP equipment can be like.

Should we schedule them for a 30 minutes presentation in the next call?



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My name is Boyd and I’m the newest member of the BuildingGreen Peer Networks team. I’m joining BG after a long line of jobs in the service industry. I’ve worked everywhere from breweries to adventure sports companies and I’ve loved every job along the way. I was drawn to BG because of my history of meeting people and fostering connections and... Read more

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Apologize in advance if this has been posted before but we are trying to get manufacturers of stage curtains to give documentation that proves that the product does not have halogenated fire retardants. Manufacturers say they don't have them or concentrations are limited to 100ppm but they don't seem to have documentation to provide for it.... Read more

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Conventional heating systems burn fossil fuels on the building site or use outrageous amounts of electricity.

BuildingGreen-Approved Heat Pumps

The best heat pumps solve both these problems and provide efficient cooling. BuildingGreen approves air-source heat pumps with minimum HSPF and SEER levels of 10 and 20, respectively.

... Read more

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Columbia already offers access to free EV charging for our field employees. Of the few projects that have have opted in so far, we've had to custom design and intall EV charging setups. It's good that we're doing this, but it won't scale quickly enough and cost effectively.  I think a practical next step is working with trailer companies so... Read more

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Hello, what acceptable levels of air quality are you using to evaluate natural ventilation strategies for your projects?  In our Living Building we only open windows when PM10, PM2.5, etc. are within LBC and WELL limits.  In a seasonally smoggy urban environment, this limits how often we can utilize natural ventilation even if the outside... Read more

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Hi All -

With the holidays coming up and budgeting for 2023 - do we have any information on when and where a mini summit will be?  I heard rumors of Arizona?  Hoping to come but need the info as soon as I can.

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All, today is the day I had committed to sending out the DRAFT request to equipment manufacturers of what is needed for full electrification.  I apologize that I didn't have time or focus to get my thoughts together till now (I had intended to share this with Chris and others prior to sending to the full group, but just didn't get my thoughts... Read more

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Sometimes referred to as “the dark side”, the construction industry isn’t actually so bad.  We are mostly good people.  And, we need good people. 

Consigli is hiring a Sustainability Manager to work in Massachusetts, and we could use your help to fill the role.  If you or someone you know is brimming with the sustainability force, please... Read more

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Hi folks,

It came up on the Regional Leaders call this week that many people aren't aware that we added a link to the BuildingGreen Communities in footer of So if you want an easy way to get to the forum page, other than clicking on a link in an email, there it is! (Thank you, Stephen Endy!)

The footer has a... Read more

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Does anyone know about temporary flushout equipment that could be used to augment a building's systems to get additional CFM of OA during construction?  For our non-laboratory type projects the flushout period ends up being too long, especially in either humid summers or frigid winters (Pennsylvania).

Hoping that some of you on either... Read more


Sustainability leadership has requested that you take this quiz to help assess sustainability literacy across the firm. Your own results will be presented to you at the end of the quiz but will not be shared with anyone else. Only aggregated, anonymized results will be available to others.

Please don’t do research to inform your answers... Read more

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There is a Blog section on the BIT User site. Will you have a blog post in time for launch? Or should we hide that section to begin with?


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We are no longer accepting reservations for the SDL Pre-Summit Workshop 2019: Leading Change.

For questions, please email Jerelyn Wilson directly

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