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Hello lovely Green Gurus. Hope you all are well. I am wondering if anyone has installed an indoor sports floor that performed well and is low-emitting. This is for a multi-purpose gymnasium at a community center. Any chance?  Thanks All!

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We have an increasing number of projects, where the client is coming to us with "net zero" aspirations and plans, some of which don't fit the typical all-electric, grid-tied building that produces 100%+ of its annual energy use on-site.  There include examples like:

1) A (targetd) living building that maximizes on-site production, with... Read more

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We are collecting examples of buildings that involved electrification initiatives (building does not need to be all electric as long as largely electric). Please share your projects with us through this short survey. It will take 8-10min to complete.

The study will culminate into a report and best practices to advocate for... Read more

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Hi Leaders,

We've pulled together some highlights from each of the three half-day cross-network workshops that happened in October. This report captures the gist of each workshop:

Net Zero What? Transitioning our Metrics from Energy to Carbon Getting Better Materials Into Projects Beyond the Property Line: Bringing Clean, Resilient... Read more

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In the Passive House session at the Winter Summit, I spoke about a Massachusetts DOER report that found that meeting the new energy code in MA (passive house or better in most cases) is cheaper for some building types than traditional construction. Some of you asked to see the report. It was a power point show. On page 34 of this slide deck... Read more

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Hi everyone! The CLF Boston | NE Hub and BSA are holding an embodied carbon summit and we'd LOVE to see people from this group there. 

The first version of this summit was held in 2019, and since then we've made huge strides. Through our advocacy work, state and city regulations are addressing embodied carbon in procurement and materials... Read more


Welcome to this practice session for the LEED AP v4 exam, and good luck!

All the exam questions and explanations that follow were authored by Alex Spilger, LEED AP BD+C of GreenStep Education, and are provided in this BuildingGreen "exam simulator" through a special partnership with GreenStep and with our friends at the Poplar Network.... Read more

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Greetings Gurus!
Please sign up and spread the word (even if you can't attend, sign up to get follow up info!)

This is one of a series of Hackathons to crowdsource alternative design details that are intentionally meant for disassembly! The outputs are meant for public consumption so that anyone who doesn't have time (that's... Read more

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We are looking at installing an aerobic biodigester in a commercial kitchen for an office client that is VERY concerned about zero waste.  Basically, this system takes food waste, treats it with micro-organisms to remove organic matter, and turns it into water of high enough quality to go straight to the sewer.  The manufacturer we are looking... Read more

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Paula is an accomplished writer and speaker who brings passion, humor, and discernment to all her work.

Whether it’s a spotlight report on decarbonization, a webinar on ESG, or just a chummy email... Read more

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We are excited to share the REPORT from the 2019 Small Firm SDL Summit held in Las Vegas on June 5th. Take a look and use this forum to post questions and comments that will allow us to engage our new members as we continue the valuable conversations begun at the Summit. As you will read in the introduction, we know that collectively small... Read more

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Last updated October 26th, 2022 What this policy covers

BuildingGreen, Inc. values your privacy. This notice describes what information we collect and how we use it.

To Users Resident in the European Economic Area:  This Privacy Policy will govern use of your personal information if you choose to use any of the... Read more

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Hi SMEP Leaders,

Our next monthly call is Tuesday, June 13 at 2:00 pm Eastern.

We've had a great series of conversations over the past year kicked off by short presentations from you all: interesting projects, confounding questions, emerging technologies and design strategies. It would be great to line up some more of those for... Read more

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Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting is an increasingly common expectation throughout financial sectors, and the real estate industry is no exception. 

This live webinar with our friend Chris Pyke, Ph.D., a senior vice president... Read more

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This message came in earlier today and is something of which we should all be aware.  I took the extra step, in this world of uncertain facts, of checking the veracity of the message with Jason Grant who confirmed it.  From William Bucholtz:

Dear Green Building Colleagues,

No one likes being fooled, but it’s... Read more