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Credit - Rating System Correction

1. Remove “Building Product Disclosure and Optimization” from credit title
2. Option 1: Remove 'in which the manufacturer is explicitly recognized as the participant by the program operator' from Product-specific Type III EPD
3. Option 1 and Option 2: Remove 'USGBC approved program – Products that comply with other USGBC approved... Read more

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Hi All,

I try to respect this forum and limit sharing events to the ones that are extra exciting and this is one of them. Coming up on May 20th 4-6pm,  Built Environment Plus (formerly USGBC MA) is launching our Building Tech Forum v2.0 Series.  Here's the link to register:

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I'm curious if anyone can share their strategy on indoor air quality for the return to office. Is this something that is prioritized at your firm from a wellbeing standpoint and with the current health crisis at hand? Lendlease is looking into options to safeguard our employees/occupants as we move back into the workplace and I'm researching... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

In fourth line of the paragraph (third of the Rating System), change "600F" to "60

Credit - Rating System Correction

In Requirements, under Furniture evaluation, revise the second sentence to read: Comply with ANSI/BIFMA e3-2011 Furniture Sustainability Standard, Sections 7.6.1 (for half credit, by cost) OR 7.6.2 (for full credit, by cost), using either the concentration modeling approach or the emissions factor approach.
In Further Explanation, Table 5... Read more

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Hi everyone -
Some of you already have heard some or all of this news, but I thought I'd share today's press release with the whole group.
The headline is: 
SERA is VERY excited to announce that David Johnson, formerly the managing partner of Bill McDonough's San Francisco office, is now heading up SERA's bay area office.... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

Replace section with that of the supplementary document.

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Join us for the Peer Networks-exclusive version of this Greenbuild presentation!

Register HERE.

A New Standard in Facade Design
November 30th, 2020
1pm - 2pm ET (10am - 11am PT)

Description and Presenters: Current façade design focuses more on operating carbon (or energy), even when embodied carbon is accounted... Read more

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Posting at the request of Sara Bayer of Magnusson Architecture and Planning, who will soon join this group:

"In our quest to achieve Passive House EUI levels in all of our multifamily projects in a healthy manner, we are encountering pushback on the one item that is not really code min just yet (in NYC) and adds real cost:  ERV’s.  Our... Read more

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Will you be at Greenbuild in Chicago? Stop by BuildingGreen/LEEDuser booth #1522 for informal conversations with guest experts and BuildingGreen editors. You are encouraged to RSVP and add the meet-ups to your calendar, but not registration is not required.



10:45 AM - 11:15 AM
Dan Winter, Neil Pegram, and Chris... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

Remove the first occurrence of "to ensure"

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We are T-minus two days from the ILFI unconference and I am looking forward to seeing a bunch of you there.  I have a vague memory about there being a meet up scheduled - can somebody remind me of where/when.

Also, can folks that are speaking post a reply about when their session is and what the topic is please.

Thanks in advance... Read more

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Hi all,

Are you looking for a senior level sustainable design position in Canada?  We’re hiring a sustainable design leader and senior sustainable design consultant with location options in Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary or remote (Canada only).

I joined DIALOG 10 months ago... Read more

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As we all know, ventilation rates must be kept the same between the LEED Baseline and proposed energy models. However, we're aware of projects that have been able to claim energy savings associated to reducing ventilation using systems like Aircuity. 

Have any of you successfully claimed credit for reduced airflow due... Read more

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Composting toilets convert human waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer for nonfood plants, rather than mixing the waste with potable water and flushing it down the drain. They can also save infrastructure costs and minimize the burden on wastewater systems.

They’re not for every project, but they do warrant consideration. Composting... Read more

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I am getting started on a research project to evaluate the feasibility, costs, and benefits of using phase change material (PCM) to passively regulate temperature in Minnesota buildings. If anyone has experience designing with PCM, installing PCM, or occupying buildings with PCM, can you share any lessons learned that would be relevant as... Read more

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