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Hello friends in the construction group!

I am advising an owner on a huge redevelopment project and - we are of course looking at carbon/embodied carbon from a design perspective - but I remember hearing some of you talking about how you are addressing emissions during construction (including both recommendations related to specific... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of LEED v4 Tips from Early Adopters: Earn High Ratings Without Added Costs.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Explain how the Integrative Process credit rewards good design but is tricky for taxpayer-funded projects.
2. Describe how... Read more

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With the current push for improved window performance to meet energy codes and Passive House, room side low-e coatings can significantly improve window U-values. However, back in 2018 Payette did this excellent study that showed that while room side low-e coatings improved window U-value and increased the interior radiant temperature, the... Read more

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Our CM recently offered up the possibility of substituting Pozzotive into our structural and paving concrete mix ( on a large public building. Apparently it is on a level with the cost of standard cement.
We are eager to reduce the project's embodied carbon, and this seems almost too good to be true.

... Read more

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Back again re: the work we're doing with City of Cambridge, in their great leadership efforts to develop EC policy/regs/incentives and reporting requirements.

Thanks to those who responded earlier about the effort it takes you to conduct WBLCA - now we're diving into it in more depth and wanting to get together a focus... Read more

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Have you ever been accused of being "self-righteous," or "judgemental" in your role as and SDL? Anyone have tips and tricks to avoid this trap? 

Product Guide

As with most office furniture, systems furniture can be made from unsustainable materials and use adhesives and finishes that emit formaldehyde or other hazardous compounds.

BuildingGreen-Approved Furniture

BuildingGreen approves furnishings that:

are certified to BIFMA’s multi-attribute level 3 standard, which requires low... Read more

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Hello Everyone - we posted this to SAL, but also wanted to reach the Green Gurus folks!

To prepare for a co-creative workshop at the Environmental Design Research Association annual conference, "Health in All Places" our team ( myself, B. Sanborn, Penny Cole) is soliciting input via an all-questions-optional survey regarding ungendered... Read more

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Hi All,

I just tried to post a minute ago but it said my connection was lost, so I'm starting over again. You may see two similar posts from me.

Alejandra and I started a document (attached) with ideas on how we can tackle some of the issues we are currently facing with zero waste, as a follow up to our conversation last Friday... Read more

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Please see the following invite from Professor Alexandra Rempel at the University of Oregon to participate a 15-20 minute phone/Zoom interview and share your experience and/or perceptions on the problems, challenges, and barriers to incorporating into your projects.

This effort is part of an NSF research grant that I am involved in and... Read more

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BuildingGreen’s product vetting services can save you countless hours and set you up for success on future projects.

Is your team working on a LEED v4 or WELL project? 

Finding products for these projects is daunting, and even when you find products you believe will meet the requirements, you have to know exactly... Read more

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HI MEP Leaders,

Related to our thread about equipment needed for decarbonization, I have a question about what new or improved equipment is already available now that you're excited about.

Every year we at BuildingGreen publish (and present at Greenbuild) a listing of the Top-10 new and exciting products. Our focus this year is on... Read more

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Green Gurus,

First of all, it was great to see so many of you joining our last month BSA COTE webinar! I hope you enjoyed it.

Coming up next Wednesday at 2pm EDT (11am PDT, 12pm MDT, 1pm CDT), we'll have the inspiring Ashley Rao from Leers Weinzapfel leading the presentation titled INTEGRATED SUSTAINABILITY AT THE JOHN W. OLVER... Read more

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Hi All,

If you have 5 minutes, we would appreciate your input in the Google Spreadsheet (linked below).  If you only have 1 minute, feel free to reply to this forum post and list your the typical equipment vendors you spec on projects.  :)

We're asking each of you to enter your "Top 3" specified vendors for each of the products... Read more

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Hi folks,

It came up on the Regional Leaders call this week that many people aren't aware that we added a link to the BuildingGreen Communities in footer of So if you want an easy way to get to the forum page, other than clicking on a link in an email, there it is! (Thank you, Stephen Endy!)

The footer has a... Read more

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I've been hearing recommendations for bipolar ionization, as a way to filter airborne virus particles in HVAC systems while avoiding the energy penalty of increased ventilation. However, I've also heard that ionizing equipment is dangerous because it produces ozone.

Does anyone have any insight into the effectiveness and/or cautions... Read more