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World: There is no way we can shut down in order to lower emissions, slow climate change and protect the environment.

Mother Nature: Here's a virus. Practice.

Who is measuring the positive environmental impact our actions are having on the environment? 

For example, there have been reductions in air pollution. If the... Read more

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For those of you who have attended the event above, I think you will agree this has been a high quality event.  But DFC is changing the forum this year. Instead of holding an annual event in September, this year they are holding 4 half day events around the country.  Attendance will be limited to 40 people and it is focused on sustainability... Read more

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I know there are a few of us WELL Performamce Testing Agents / Organizations represented in this group. In the wake of technology talks on this weeks update calls from IWBI, I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in a best practices and equipment small group discussion within the safe space of Green Gurus? Let me know! 


Welcome to the quiz portion of Choosing Insulation: High-Performance Foundation & Basement Assemblies – Unit 2.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Explain the insulating performance and durability of different insulation materials.
2. Provide examples of... Read more

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We are no longer accepting reservations for the SDL Winter Summit 2020.

Product Guide

Chillers are part of larger systems that provide cooling in large commercial buildings.

BuildingGreen-Approved Water Chillers

Because there isn't a single relevant efficiency standard for chillers, approved products use innovations such as magnetic bearings, variable frequency drives, or other technologies that significantly... Read more

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Hi friends, 

Before i forget, here is the checklist I mentioned yesterday that got such a positive response in our office - again it came about after i was asked (for the Nth time) to write a sustainability description for a concept proposal/ RFP that I was not a part of and frankly didn't have a lot going for it. So it's framed as "you... Read more


Mark oversees strategic marketing and product development for BuildingGreen. In this role, he works closely with our Editorial, WebDev, and Consulting teams to conceive, plan, direct, and budget integrated marketing programs that support our outreach and meet customers’ needs. 

Joining BuildingGreen in late 2021, Mark brings... Read more

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Hi everyone, 

Following November's SCL Summit, I put together a model Construction Waste Management Action Plan based on the ideas shared in our focus group. It is linked below in Google docs, so everyone should have access to live edit the plan. Please take a look and add comments if you can. It's a very rough outline, so we can... Read more

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Gurus -

I'm looking for (or to build) a set of US district energy projects for developer-led mixed-use/residential neighborhoods/districts.  Does anyone have a resource for this or have started something similar?   

I am not a member of IDEA but utilize their site quite often. Any other resources come to mind?  I'd be happy to... Read more

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We're looking to expand our design performance group - let Peter or me know if you have someone to recommend to us! Here's the description. 

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I read a very misleading article on the AIA's website today regarding antimicrobials and the benefit of microbicidals in paint. It was written by a manufacturer, not a healthcare professional, and was not obviously labeled as sponsored content on the website. (I received the link in an email, which did label it as such).

https://www.aia.... Read more

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Hi there Hive Mind! Hope everyone's doing well and staying cool in the heatwave all over.

An engineer on one of my projects reached out about contact switches for operable windows that are empowered to shut down the associated FCU in dormitory bedrooms when the window is open. This functionality allows the FCU to run at something like... Read more

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Embodied carbon in products and existing buildings. What does LCA tell us about renovation vs. new construction and material choices?

Guiding Questions: 

What easy ways are there to communicate about embodied carbon? Are there easy ways to calculate it?  What do I need to know about LCA? Are there any found patterns of when it... Read more

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Per our discussion on today's SMEP call, it would be interesting to have a more in-depth discussion on Indoor Air Quality. Questions I have personally...

What experiences are people seeing on the design side - IAQP vs VRP? How can we advocate more for IAQ performance testing in existing buildings? (e.g. LEED and WELL) What types of tests... Read more

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Thanks to those of you who signed up to share your (other) talents!!!

If you are seeing this for the first time, check out the link below to see your peers performing and if you have a talent you'd like to share (music, movement, spoken word, comedy, cooking...whatever!) send me an email ( and we'll follow... Read more