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Hi folks,

On behalf of ILFI, I'm sharing a notice that the early registration deadline for the Living Product Expo in Pittsburgh is tomorrow! This is a great event for anyone interested in a deep dive into materials transparency, hazard avoidance, low-carbon products, overall innovation, and the Living Product Challenge. There will also... Read more

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Are you or companies considering joining RE100?

"Companies joining RE100 make a global, public commitment to 100% renewable electricity.

To achieve this goal, they must match 100% of the electricity used across their global operations with electricity produced from renewable sources – biomass (... Read more

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(posting here for Kira)

Sustainable Design Leaders:

Is your firm using the AIA COTE Top Ten Toolkit in some fashion? COTE would like to hear from you, especially if you are willing to share your story. 

Specifically, we'd like to share best practices and lessons about how it is working (with certain types of projects, at... Read more

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I'm working with a project team that is looking into bird control options to prevent nesting/roosting/pooping on the scrim that is designed to scrim their building's facade.  They are looking at electrified tape, repellents, laser systems, etc -- Options that don't dramatically impact the building design.  The products they're looking at claim... Read more

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I'm definitely slow on the draw here, but happy to be congratulating you, Allen! What a great recognition of your work as a firm! And I love that the story about it highlights the firm's diversity.

Also worth noting--just 'cause no one here has said it yet--how cool it is that Ed Mazria won the Gold Medal this, and that AIA updated it's... Read more

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Hi folks,

There was a lot of interest on the call yesterday in the article that Kim showed from a host of leading IAQ experts. I was not able to find a legal way to get a copy that we can share, so if you want it I think it would be appropriate to either pay the $30 for the article (one-day access ??) or $79 for a one-year AAAS... Read more

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Wood was the first material used in window frame and sash construction, and it remains popular for homes with its warm feel and relatively high energy efficiency.

BuildingGreen-Approved Windows

Wood windows must achieve an NFRC-certified unit U-factor of 0.22 or lower. Manufacturers also must demonstrate that their highest-performing... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Green Building Product Certifications: Getting What You Need.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Differentiate between a standard and a certification.
2. Describe "greenwashing" and list at least two ways to spot it.
3.... Read more


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Credit - Rating System Correction

Revise the second and third sentence in the first paragraph under requirements to read as follows:

"Points are based on total city energy consumption met by the specific strategy as per the table below. Points achieved through each individual strategy may be added for up to a total of 6 points."

Credit - Rating System Correction

Delete: "If a project is designed and constructed to be partially occupied by the owner or developer, then the owner or developer has direct influence over that portion of the interior build-out. For these projects, LEED for New Construction may be more appropriate."

Credit - Rating System Correction

In the fourth row, insert a "

Credit - Rating System Correction

Under "VOC emissions evaluation" and "Furniture emissions evaluation", Delete "Guide" from "ISO/IEC 17065"