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Hi Fellow SD Leaders: This webinar from the AIA and the Building Resilience Coalition looks highly relevant and with some great speakers. It's free and open to all (I think...not sure how AIAU works for non-members.)

Free climate change risk webinar 10/23

Join members of 52 organizations of the Resilience Building Coalition for... Read more

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We're expanding the capacity of our team, with two positions, a general project sustainability specialist as well as a more targeted position focused on the healthcare sector.

Healthcare Sustainability Specialist

Sustainability Specialist

In both cases, we're looking for smart, experienced people who understand the power... Read more

Product Guide

Old windows can be leaky and uncomfortable, but window replacements are expensive and resource-intensive.

BuildingGreen-Approved Interior Window Panels

BuildingGreen approves interior window panels with robust warranties that are designed to achieve improved thermal performance with both reduced air... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Dream Materials: What Do You Really Want to Build With?

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Differentiate the tools that encourage accountable design.
2. Identify materials that are hazardous and list certifications that optimize for... Read more

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Hello all,

Thank you so much for your work on the Contractor Commitment. In preparation for the Summit, we've pulled all of the sections together into one cohesive document. We would like to invite everyone in the SCL network to review and comment on this latest draft so that we can compile comments before Wednesday and make the most of... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

In the second sentence of Option 2, replace "rate, volume, duration, and temperature of" with "stormwater"

Credit - Rating System Correction

"Delete: ""Clarification: There cannot be a door from an air handling unit closet that opens into the garage. The access door to an air handling unit must open into the living space, or the exterior of the building.""

Add: ""Clarification: Multi-family buildings must meet the requirements in EQ 10-09a. Where a diagnostic test showing... Read more

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Hello Green Gurus,

Here is the information for this month's Peer Networks Webinar, Adapting the Construction Process for Passive House. We hope you will join us!

Register HERE.

Adapting the Construction Process for Passive House
Wednesday, April 28th, 2021
2pm - 3pm ET (11am - 12pm PT)

... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

In restriction "c," replace the text with "Only two establishments of a single type may be counted (e.g., if five restaurants are within the required distance, only two may be counted)."

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Looking for another study option? See BuildingGreen's WELL AP Exam Study Guide and Practice Exams

This one-hour crash course will review the concepts and key facts within the WELL Building Standard that are covered most extensively on the WELL AP exam. By... Read more

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I am working on a new community development in St. Paul that is striving to achieve net-zero energy. We are able to get there mathematically by using the extra generation on light industrial rooftops to offset medium-density housing energy use (all buildings are anticipated to have different, private owners). However, this puts us over... Read more

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Who else is playing in this year’s #SustainabilityScavengerHunt by BE+!?

Meredith Elbaum and team at Built Environment Plus are launching the second annual hunt this Friday. Teams of up to four people compete over a couple of weeks to complete missions and bring awareness to environmental topics.

It was a lot of fun last year - we... Read more

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Hi Green Gurus,

We have recently had a beloved member of the HKS DesignGreen team relocate to Toronto due to work visa challenges in the US. Our loss could be your gain if you have an office in Toronto! We are hoping to collect a list of leads for him once the dust settles on his move and he begins his job hunt. If you have any... Read more

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If yes, take a look at Tour:  TM10: Transit Oriented Development: Chicago Style

It is not full yet, so there is still time to sign up.  Susan King, Sustainability Leader for HED will be showing one of her projects as part of the tour: Lake Street Studios. ... Read more

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Our firm was asked by a government client in Canada to update their specifications for concrete to capture low embodied carbon as a performance metric. From the SDL group's knowledge of concrete procurement:

What are the chances of systematically obtaining cement specified with 10% lower carbon intensity? What's viable in the current... Read more

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Hello Green Gurus, here's a reminder that this webinar is happening one week from today!

Register here.

Sustainable Community Design Leaders: Who we are, What we do
Tuesday, February 16th, 2021
3 - 4pm ET (12 - 1pm PT)

Description: Join this live webinar to learn about the brand-new Sustainable Community Design... Read more