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Hi all,

We are trying to encourage participation in take-back programs and using recyclable packaging with our vendors and I was wondering how we can add it to specifications. Does anyone have any examples on how we can add wording in specs about participation in take-back programs, using recyclable packaging and/or reducing non-... Read more


This webcast was pre-approved for 1 AIA LU|HSW and 1 GBCI CE hour.

Please complete the survey questions to confirm your attendance and receive your CEUs.

By providing your credential numbers in your profile, you will enable us to automatically report these CEUs to these organizations. Please check your profile to be sure your... Read more

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Re: 310 CMR 78.00: Ban of Covered Products Containing Certain Flame Retardants. This law took effect as of April 01, 2021, and is enforced by Mass DEP. 

Full text:

Quick Summary: Law bans 11 types of chemical flame retardants from... Read more

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Has anyone worked with Vidaris for LEED certification and have a contact there? If you want to direct email me with feedback on the experience that would be helpful as well.

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Should the Best Practice names always be accompanied by their number? See the attached screenshots, all taken from the main forum page:

Best Practice labels next to individual forum posts Best Practice names in the forum filter dropdown Best Practices in the main navigation dropdown menu

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Hello Sustainable Design Leaders!

Here at BuildingGreen we are excited and looking forward to creating a valuable and engaging online summit with you all for 2020!

You can Register HERE as well as review important information.

The Summit will happen throughout the week of July 13. The specific meeting times are: 

3:... Read more

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I'm sure you will see many familar names on the list - not the least of which is our fellow SMEPL:  Sarah Gudeman.

Congratulations, Sarah - well done!


Mary Ann Lazarus

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Product Guide

CEUs are available for reading all the building-envelope product guides and primer. Click here to learn more and take the quiz.

Vapor retarders are meant to protect our building assemblies from getting wet, but they can also slow drying, contributing to mold and structural degradation.

BuildingGreen-Approved Vapor Retarders... Read more

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It’s here! By popular demand we’re re-running the SDL Salary Survey that we last ran in 2015. 

This is for people who are currently in an SD Leader role at a firm. We’re sending this invitation out on both the Green Gurus and the SD Leaders forums, because some of you are still in transition and haven’t moved into the SD Leader forum yet... Read more

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Has anyone come across a rating system 'crosswalk' infographic?

Cheers, Mona

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...for all the folks on the west coast.

It’s smokey out there. For anyone looking for a cheap and relatively effective way to clean your indoor air, here is an article on a DIY box fan filters.

This PSA is from our friends at NEEA (... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Choosing Windows: Looking Through the Options.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Choose a frame material based on its structural characteristics, thermal insulation, durability, maintenance requirements, cost, and effects on the... Read more

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I'm exploring the use of phase change material for a project. Specifically, looking at the BioPCM/ENRG Blanket product. I see on their website that ZGF used it at University of Washington. I'd love to hear any feedback from folks who have used it, and more specifically how your energy model and MEP engineer accounted for it. Thanks!! https://... Read more

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Hi Green Gurus,

We are convening our first Regional Coordinators quarterly call Thursday, July 21 2-3pm ET (11am-12pm PT). Anyone who might be interested in this role is welcome to join. We’ll give you more specifics, answer any questions, and create our list of representatives for each region. We’ll finish by looking ahead at what to... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Climate Analysis for Architects (recorded webcast).

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Access climate data.
2. Choose appropriate design energy simulation tools.
3. Know when and how to run analyses with projected weather data... Read more

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