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This are opportunities for us to get involved as design and construction allies with the new administration and the US Department of Energy on more efficient building.

The first link below is for low-carbon projects that will provide the case studies and solutions that the industry can follow.  The second is identifying barriers and... Read more

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Has anyone here had success in comparing life cycle impacts for different window system options? We have been trying to compare different options but have only been able to source one expired EPD for an actual window (frame + glazing). Is the typical approach to separately compare glass and framing options? Are we missing something or is there... Read more

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Hi Fellow SDLers: I'm sure you're like me and thrilled at the news of the Senate's passage of the historic climate bill yesterday. And also are likely on pins and needles until it's passed the House and signed into law. What a conclusion of a terrible roller-coaster ride that is our Congressional system.

I'm writing to pass along a... Read more

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Hi all

I would like to warmly invite all of you to our Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies 25th anniversary events. I think the events are very pertinent to what this group is about and are all free. If you are in the LA area please come! The 11th includes an outdoor reception at the center after the presentations. It’s also an... Read more

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Hi Everyone, just as governors are regionally deciding how to reopen their economies, it's probably time we started thinking about what getting back to work looks like for us.  And, just as governors are leaning on each other for ideas and coordination, we can benefit from discussing strategies as a group.  To that end, I wanted to get your... Read more

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I was recently asked about potentially specifying concrete with wood nanoparticles and concrete with biochar as a way to further lower the embodied carbon and to increase concrete strength.  These approaches are something I know nothing about, and wondering if anyone in this group has any experience and/or observations that might be relevant to... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Circular Economy at Scale: Six International Case Studies.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Define circular economy and explain its importance within the built environment.
2. Describe how to leverage long-term value over first... Read more

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Hi Everyone,

HKS is looking for an energy analyst & systems design engineer for our Dallas office. If you know anyone that might be interested and qualified for this position, please send them our way!


Ellen... Read more

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Hey all,

Question for those of you who do in-house daylight analysis about modeling translucent glazing.

We use ClimateStudio for our modeling. It has plenty of material options for clear glazing but nothing for translucent glazing, and we are trying to understand the impacts of a translucent interlayer at some skylights. We can... Read more

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Hi folks,

We often hear from you with a suggestion of someone who would be great for the network, and a question about how to refer them. We've now made that easy, with three steps laid out in an Outreach Toolkit that's posted in the left margin of the Member Directory.

So, if you're thinking of someone to invite or come across... Read more

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Huge shout out to Patty Lloyd, Luke Leung, Janet Olsen, and Sarah Gudeman for their webinar on the Power of Peer Networks. They share lots of insights into the value of participating in BG Peer Networks and many others. Ten bucks to Illinois Green gets you access to the recording--I loved it. What would you have said that they didn't?

Peer Network Event

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Hi all!

A couple years ago now there was an incredible thread here about circadian lighting design and WELL. There was a lot of dipping toes in the water with intent to gather lessons learned and report back.

What have been the high points and low points of circadian lighting design so far? What seems cost-effective and worth... Read more

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At the request of the SCL group, here's the SCL Salary Survey! 

There is a link at the end of the SurveyMonkey Survey to a Google form where you will be able to register that you completed the survey—that way we’ll know who participated without having any identifying info in the actual survey. Results will be shared with those who... Read more

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Hi folks! Our AIA Seattle Committee on the Environment is hosting a series of decarbonization talks that might be of interest to this group. The next one is coming up next Thursday with the University of Washington. 

Details and free registration here:

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On Wednesday, November 10th (4-5:50pm PST), the Women in Green committees of California are hosting an exciting session to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Women in Green - Steadfast and Strong.

Join us for a dynamic and lively conversation from women leading in all areas of sustainability including policy, corporate, non-profit, and... Read more