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Sasaki seeks a Sustainability Coordinator for Planning & Urban Design Sustainability Coordinator with experience in planning or urban design for our Boston office, to work on a variety of college and university campuses, urban mixed-use districts, corporate campuses and resilience planning. You'll work me and with Alison Nash, our... Read more

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Good Afternoon -

I'm wondering if anyone has a sample project wellness plan or survey that they'd be willing to share?  The 2.0 says additional resources are coming soon but I have a few project engineers that want to help get these going and are looking for a starting point.

You can email me direct if you don't want to post here... Read more


Sustainability leadership has requested that you take this quiz to help assess sustainability literacy across the firm. Your own results will be presented to you at the end of the quiz but will not be shared with anyone else. Only aggregated, anonymized results will be available to others.

Please don’t do research to inform your answers... Read more

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See link above, a group of UK building services (MEP) engineers (like us) signed on above, committed to do life cycle carbon (including embodied MEP) in their work.

Are we behind?  Should we match them?  leap frog ahead of them?


Luke Leung

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Has anyone developed a disclaimer to be issued with LCA models and reports? I have been asked to look into developing a disclaimer to be used with LCAs, and unfortuantely I have not been able to find past precedence on this. 

Thank you,

Stephanie Fargas

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Hi all,

Has anyone been able to find alternatives to vinyl window film products? I can find solutions for wall coverings, but am not having much luck when it comes to window films. Any leads or insight would be really helpful!

Thank you!



Welcome to the quiz portion of Choosing Insulation: High-Performance Wall Assemblies – Unit 3.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Describe key environmental and performance factors for insulation materials.
2. Recount bottom-line insulation material... Read more

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Hello Green Gurus,

Here is the information for February's Peer Networks Webinar, A Tale of Two Working Groups: Decarbonizing Existing Buildings & Defining and Measuring Resilient Outcomes. We hope you will join us!

Register HERE

A Tale of Two Working Groups: Decarbonizing Existing Buildings & Defining and Measuring... Read more

Product Guide

Alerting building occupants about indoor air pollutants is important in many situations.

BuildingGreen-Approved IAQ Equipment

Products approved by BuildingGreen range from single-use test kits to monitoring systems installed throughout a building. Some test for gases such as radon, VOCs, or carbon monoxide, and some for mold and... Read more

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Hello - I seem to remember a thread on Sustainable Design Specialist / Advisor - Focused or Integrated Position within a firm. Does anyone remember the subject header or did I just dream this up? My searches are coming up empty...



Mona Lemoine, Architect AIBC, MAA, MRAIC, LFA, LEED AP BD + C

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Hi All,

Attached is the DRAFT of our ZNE Data Report.  It is just the beginning. We have a lot more data to gather.  We didn't want to wait for it to be perfect to get it out. Hopefully this gives you all an idea of where we are headed.  Please continue to send us your projects in the Northeast.  I've also attached the excel doc for you... Read more

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I'm looking for successful examples of net-zero, Living Building, or similar office buildings that are NOT owned by highly-motivated organizations like RMI or the Bullitt Foundation (or one of your firms).

We are looking to team with a developer on a small-mid-size office building that will house our new office with us as a tenant (no... Read more

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For anyone attending this year's APA conference in person in San Diego, please consider joining us for our divison's annual reception and Awards for Excellence in Sustainability. We will be joined by members of the City Management & Planning, New Urbanism divisions, and the National Capital Area Chapter. Here's a link to register for the... Read more

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Blast from the past when 179D first hit the scenes.

Are any of you still using this and if so, has it been easy, successful, worthwhile etc

and Happy New Year !


Welcome to the quiz portion of Mind the Gaps: Making Existing Buildings More Airtight!

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

Identify key performance problems related to leaky building enclosures.

Examine the benefits of making existing buildings more airtight, such as... Read more

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Hello SCL, I was asked by a friend at ILFI to share this invite specifically to the SCL group to join their Living Future 20 conference which is in a couple weeks and will be all online.  There is also an invite for a construction-only focused ILFI discussion May 14th in the message as well.  Hope everyone is doing alright out there.  Talk soon... Read more