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Welcome to the quiz portion of How Buildings Fail Their Users!

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

Explain the importance of finding common ground between a client’s project goals and the project team’s sustainability building goals for successful projects that incorporate... Read more

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Hello everyone, Happy New Year! 

I wanted to send a quick note that we have an awesome group registered for the Sustainable Design Leaders Winter Summit 2020 and we still have a few open seats! This is taking place Jan. 29th - 31st, 2020 at The Lodge, Gulf Shores, AL with an exciting Pre-Summit Workshop happening that Wednesday. If you... Read more

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I am looking for examples of police stations and fire stations that are operating at an ENERGY STAR or better level.  Google searches have not provided much to go on - I found one net zero energy police station (Cincinnati Police District 3 West Side).  Curiously, Justice Facilities Review write ups do not include details about energy... Read more

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The AIA has just (finally!) amended the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct to include new "Obligations to the Public" and  "Obligations to the Environment", that requires architects to advise their clients of their obligations to the environment, obligates architects to promote sustainable design and development, and to implement energy... Read more

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Hi Sustainability leaders,

Realizing that many of us are now stuck and home and may be feeling isolated, we thought it would be fun to offer an open hang-out time for anyone in the Peer Networks. If you'd like to connect, share some thoughts, hear from others, or just get to know other Green Gurus, join us on Zoom this Thursday. If it... Read more

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Hi folks,

On today's call James Peterson will be introducing a conversation about how COVID might have changed our ways of working.

If there's time afterwards, we can take a look at this draft article from the USGBC research team. They're interested in our input on how we might want to analyze the info on electrification rates in... Read more

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The Sustainable Community Design Leaders Peer Network brings together sustainability leaders in North America and beyond. We invite you to join your peers: planners, architects, landscape architects, and allied leaders who are committed to leveraging the design of built environments to promote social transformation leading to... Read more

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Hi, all. We missed you at the standing check in today. We have a couple of questions for the BG team:

1. What is the timing criteria you need for Best Practice content? We need to back into a deadline on submissions and believe your critical path timing will help define ours.

2. Can you elaborate on what LEED User/BG content may... Read more

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Sharing the below message from Mike McMeekin, who some of you know, regarding his current initiative, the Engineering Change Lab USA Climate Change Noble Purpose Statement. (Also, here is a Link to today's LinkedIn Updates on this topic.)

Greetings, I am re-sending my email from last week primarily as a reminder regarding the sign-up... Read more

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I am looking for a healthy and safe mold preventative product to use on wood construction to prevent mold growth as this full wood building (truss, framing, exterior sheathing) will be exposed to moisture via the elements until the roof gets put on in earlywinter.

Please share your feedback, thus far we have found what looks like a lot... Read more

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Hi all: I'm looking for experience, insight, or advice as it relates to ISO 14001. I know it is more popular internationally than in the US, and I am trying to ascertain if the the value-add is greater than the cost and effort. If your company is certified, or even if you have looked into it in any capacity, I would love to pick your brain.... Read more

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Love books? Want some inspiration? Join this Goodreads group with the following link... (this link will be active for 30 days so let me know if you get here late and need it again)

I set this up as "private" so I will need to approve you. Anyone will be... Read more


Welcome to this practice session for the LEED AP v4 exam, and good luck!

All the exam questions and explanations that follow were authored by Alex Spilger, LEED AP BD+C of GreenStep Education, and are provided in this BuildingGreen "exam simulator" through a special partnership with GreenStep and with our friends at the Poplar Network.... Read more

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Wednesday, February 12th, 2020 2-3 pm Eastern (11 am-12 pm Pacific)

Whole-building life-cycle assessment (WBLCA) can help project teams reduce embodied carbon as well as many other environmental impacts of building materials. And it’s incentivized in LEED and... Read more

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Does anyone have a spreadsheet or chart that compares the new Fitwel v2.1 with Fitwel v2.0 ?

I can't seem to find such a thing on the Fitwel website.

I am trying to determine which version-route to take on our "Workplace" project.

Or do you have experience in this that you can relay?


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Last summer I shared a request here for folks to take a survey we had open that aimed to understand how architects and engineers are (or aren't) using climate projections to inform design. This white paper, written in collaboration with HGA and the University of Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership, reports on the results of that research. ... Read more

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Hi all, 

I just wanted to post a quick message to introduce myself to the group. My name is Jeff Geisinger, and I'm an architect with Utile in Boston. We're a 50-ish person firm with a pretty broad project base, including affordable multifamily housing, institutional buildings, commercial interiors, and urban planning/public realm work... Read more