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Hello Green Gurus,

We are excited to announce that BuildingGreen is planning a series of in-depth virtual facilitation workshops for this fall. We are collaborating with Julie Huffaker from Deeper Funner Change (who you may remember from the 2020 Winter SDL Summit, or her introductions to virtual facilitation back in April). She will... Read more

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Hi all,

As discussed in our monthly meetings, we are assembling an industry push to expand the availability of embodied carbon data for MEP equipment. Our first steps are to send a letter to industry announcing a call to action and future educational webinars on the topic. In a similar manner as the electrification letter by the SMEP... Read more

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We've got a great private (BG Communities/SD Leaders) webinar lined up for December. Register now to get it on your calendar. And let us know if you have suggestions or requests for future webinar topics!

Register here

Topic: Organizing Sustainability: knowledge management as the key to high performance

Description: Corey... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

In the second paragraph, revise the first sentence to read, "Exclude excavated soil and land-clearing debris from calculations. Include materials destined for alternative daily cover (ADC) in the calculations as waste (not diversion).”

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Chillers are part of larger systems that provide cooling in large commercial buildings.

BuildingGreen-Approved Water Chillers

Because there isn't a single relevant efficiency standard for chillers, approved products use innovations such as magnetic bearings, variable frequency drives, or other technologies that significantly... Read more

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What is the lag time for historical embodied carbon data catching up with real-time information as manufacturers source renewable energy? Is our professional time best spent calculating with out-of-date information or more simply calling for manufacturers' elimination of fossil fuel combustion in their production and transportation of materials... Read more


Upman LaTole

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Credit - Rating System Correction

Revise credit intent to read: "To contribute to the comfort and well-being of all building occupants by establishing minimum standards for indoor air quality (IAQ). "

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Has anyone pursued the schools Mold Prevention IEQc10 successfully and have format for the documentation created they would be comfortable sharing? Our contractor is excited about pursuing this credit but no on our team has pursued it before.

thanks in advance!

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At the start of 2021 there was one signatory to the contractors commitment (thanks Leopardo!).  Today, there are 12 companies participating, representing over $24 Billion in total revenue.

We don’t always give ourselves enough credit or take enough time to savor our accomplishments because there is always more to do.  But, this is a big... Read more

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Hi Green Gurus!

We’ve gotten GREAT feedback and input from many of you via the survey about our planned fall events. You expressed a lot of interest in all the events we proposed: a series of in-depth Integrative Design Jams, separate Summits for SDL and SCL, and regional all-network workshops, starting with one in Boston—so we’re moving... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Retrocommissioning: Big Savings for Big Buildings.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Define the term retrocommissioning.
2. Explain how whole-systems RCx differs from energy-focused RCx.
3. Describe several examples of how... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

In Option 2, delete the following, "Calculated indoor air concentrations that are less than or equal to those listed in Table 1 for furniture systems and seating determined by a procedure based on the EPA Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Large Chamber Test Protocol for Measuring Emissions of VOCs and Aldehydes (September 1999) testing... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

1. Under the heading for the adaptations, insert new path title "Path 1. Access to Public Transit Service"

2. Within the fourth item in the bulleted list of criteria, insert "for Path 1" after "Privately-run shuttles are only acceptable"

3. Within the heading for Table 1 insert "public" between "daily" and "transit"... Read more

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Hi all - passing on this request on behalf of Alan Scott. He is looking specifically for someone from the Gulf Coast region to round out the panel:

I am putting together a panel for a virtual session during Design Museum Week in April (Thursday, April 28). The description below outlines the conversation I am hoping to curate. I am... Read more

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