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I am brushing up on current tools for local government greenhouse gas inventories and was wondering if any of you have used the EPA's Local Government Greenhouse Gas Inventory tool? Download the Local Greenhouse Gas Inventory Tool | US EPA 

Some of my immediate questions include: 

Is the EPA tool straightforward to use?

Are... Read more

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Hi All,

We’re planning a conference here in Boston, October 23rd & 24th, focused on Designing for People.  We’re rounding out our speaker lineup and I thought I’d reach out to you all for ideas.  If you had an all-star list of people speaking on Health and Wellness in the Built Environment who would be on that list?  Send me 3 names... Read more

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Seeing Jen's post prompted me to write in support of the Madison Park Technical Vocational High School program (Greenbuild Legacy Project). I spoke to the students earlier in the year and it is a great program. I'll reach out to our HR about interns.

I am the Director of Facilities Management Integration and Sustainability for Shawmut... Read more

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We are no longer accepting reservations for the SDL Summer Summit 2020.

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People tracking pollutants and dirt into buildings can cause indoor environmental quality (IEQ) problems, increase maintenance costs, and reduce the life of the floor. When they track rain and snow on hard surfaces, it increases the risk of personal injury due to slips and falls.

BuildingGreen-Approved Track-Off Systems

BuildingGreen... Read more

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Hello Sustainable Design Leaders,

On October 5th a number of us gathered for the Fall 2021 SDL Virtual Summit and the BuildingGreen team is happy to now share with you all the event report here! 

This report can be shared publicly. If you think someone would like to see it, such as firm leadership or prospective Peer Networks... Read more

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Hi folks,

Has your firm:

- hired a consultant to conduct firmwide bias training?

- revamped its hiring process using an antiracist lens?

- developed coaching circles / reading groups around racism/anti-racism? 

- instituted new support structures for staff development around inclusivity?

- some other... Read more

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Does anyone subscribe to Green Badger? Do you find it valuable?

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Hello All-

  We have a K-12 school project that is using a R-60 flat roof assembly as an energy & costing benchmark (along with other energy efficiency measures but this is the relevant detail to our question).  The project mechanical engineer is not onboard with a number of our energy conservation measures and has been sharing... Read more

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Hi all - Can you help me with a list of states with pending electrification/fossil fuel free ordinances? I am providing some technical aasistance for an article that is going to press soon. The author has listed WA, CO, and MA but I'm unsure how far each of these go and if it's technically correct to call them electrification ordinances.

... Read more

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In light of the serious impacts of COVID-19 on your firm, BuildingGreen would like to support your continued participation in the Peer Network community of Sustainability Leaders.


BuildingGreen’s Sustainable Construction Leaders peer network brings together the best and most committed... Read more

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Is there a list of which number corresponds with each Best Practice? E.g. "03 Energy Audit & Planning."

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Hello Gurus,

I’m writing to share with you an effort a small group of lighting designers from the Boston area started which is now rolling into a large scale effort.  We’ve put together a Lighting Advocacy Letter to accelerate the sustainability of lighting products. Inspired by the AIA Materials Pledge, the letter is intended to... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of LEED vs. Green Globes: What's the Difference? (recorded webcast)

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Explain how LEED and Green Globes in turn approach key credit requirements.
2. Describe differences between LEED and Green Globes... Read more

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Greetings Gurus, following the AIA COTE Design for Economy concept, does anyone have a resource for a list of building efficiency ratio "targets" by space type? I've always struggled with this initiative. 

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Lake|Flato developed a project process road map as an internal project management tool over a decade ago, and we're looking into updating it.  It serves as a sort of "checklist" of major design, sustainability, and QA/QC milestones for each project phase.  I know we've talked about similar tools at other firms at past SDL summits, so wanted to... Read more

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Successfully managing the LEED documentation process requires specific knowledge, tools, and skills that are not covered in the LEED Reference Manual. This CEU course is based on the LEED Project Management course that GreenStep developed and teaches through UC–Berkeley Extension. It is designed for professionals who are somewhat familiar... Read more