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Does anyone have a draft copy of the ASHRAE 209P standard? It has not been finalized? See an overview of it here from IBPSA 2016 summer meeting.

The 209 committee plans to release it for a 3rd public review and hopes to finalize it in late winter or early spring. I'm just trying to track down one of the earlier verisons of the document... Read more


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Credit - Rating System Correction

Replace the following values:
Steam cooker – batch cooking: 815 gallon/hour/pan (Imperial Units) and 3085.11 liters/hour/pan (Metric Units) | change to | 8 gallon/hour/pan (Imperial Units) and 30.28 liters/hour/pan (Metric Units)
Steam cooker – high production or cook to order: 84 gallon/hour/pan (Imperial Units) and 317.97 liters/... Read more

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Please share your thoughts in preparation for our monthly call this Thursday (call info below). 

Given these items that are changing at AIA, are any of them motivating changes within your firm? If so, how? If not, why?

1. Awards criteria now includes COTE Measures of Design Excellence

2. Code of Ethics now includes rule on... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

Below the "OPTION 2" heading, insert the heading "CASE 1. Non-Residential Projects"

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Hello Everyone!

We’re beginning to plan events for the rest of 2021, which means we need your input to make sure we are putting together structures and content that are most valuable for you.

Please take a moment to take this brief survey DUE June 25th! You will find details on our current thinking for these events within the... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

In item "a," in the fourth line, remove the second instance of "materials" so the text becomes "minimum, paper"

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Has anyone worked on a WELL project? I have heard that you can expect about 1.5 to twice the effort of LEED coordination but wasn't sure how accurate that was. Any suggestions for determining the possible time commitment of WELL coordination?

Thanks in advance!


Welcome to the quiz portion of Go with the Flows: The Promise and Peril of Hygrothermal Modeling

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Describe the true role of hygrothermal modeling in design.
2. Name four instances in which to consider using hygrothermal modeling... Read more

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Hi all, 

The San Francisco Department of the Environment is hoping to gather info from designers and specifiers about construction surplus materials. Their survey is 8 questions total and not limited to those in the SF area. 

Pasting info below if you have a chance to participate! 

Calling Designers and Specifiers:

... Read more

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Hi Everyone,

It has been great to see the discussion forum gaining traction as a tool for us all. 

When we met for the first time at Greenbuild last year, we mentioned that one of the goals of the group was to have an annual in-person meeting where we could strategize on how to improve our roles, our companies, and the industry... Read more

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Stone was one of humanity’s first building materials and continues to play an important role in today’s green building industry. There are many stones used in the building industry, but the most common ones used for exterior cladding are limestone, granite, marble, slate, and sandstone.

BuildingGreen-Approved Stone and Masonry Cladding

... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

Revise credit name to ‘Compact, Mixed Use and Transit Oriented Development’

Revise Intent to read as: "To encourage compact and mixed use development, high levels of connectivity and daily walking, biking, and transit use."

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Hello all,

I have a quick question for you. While Energy Star appliances are a no-brainer for projects, I don't see a hard requirement to select Energy Star appliances in the energy prereq/credit. There are references in the water section for water using appliances like ice machines, dishwashers, clothes washers, etc., but no related... Read more

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Healthcare Design, one of the most respected and widely recognized trade journals in the health care AEC space has released the names of its 2022 HCD 10 winners.  The mission of The HCD 10 is to recognize and celebrate the broad spectrum of outstanding professionals in that industry and the influence they have on healthcare design.

One... Read more

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We should probably agree on the correct spelling for what we at BuildingGreen are calling "BITuser." I noticed that on the Salesforce portfolio screenshot provided by Dennis, it's spelled "BIT User."

BITuser has the advantage of more closely resembling LEEDuser, but it has the disadvantage of looking a little weird in all-caps, as in... Read more

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BuildingGreen Team Memberships Give your team access to the ultimate green resource for designers.

Is your team ready to increase its sustainability knowledge? A team membership allows colleagues to work and learn collaboratively. We offer 10-person, 20-person, and 30-person team memberships. Make BuildingGreen your team's all-in-one... Read more

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