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Financial literacy and speaking with clients on their terms. Guiding Questions:

Anyone have success stories? How do the financial considerations differ for developer work vs. institutional work vs. non-profit work vs. publicly funded work? What resources are available to assist?  How have others talked to clients about costs?  What has... Read more

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For those who work for companies that track and offset their carbon each year, how do you do it? Looking for best practices and how you vetted where to send your money. Don't need insight on quantifying carbon footprint, just offsetting.  Thanks!

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The IECC is accepting applications for committee members for its development of the 2024 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). The responsibilities of the committees include:

Reviewing and evaluating public input in accordance with the requirements of the Code Council’s Consensus Procedures, and building consensus to incorporate... Read more

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Water and electrical metering and submetering equipment provide valuable diagnostic information and verification of building energy and water usage.

Measuring Water Use

The Alliance for Water Efficiency recommends metering all new connections, retrofitting meters onto existing unmetered connections, and submetering all new multifamily... Read more

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Engineered wood efficiently utilizes fast-growing, small-diameter trees.

When sourced from responsibly managed forests, engineered wood can store carbon that would otherwise enter the atmosphere, and can replace high-embodied-carbon concrete and steel in some structural applications.

Engineered wood products can also provide a... Read more

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For those who tuned into the Green Gurus presentation earlier this week, there was a question that came up during my presentation on NZE/NZC programs regarding whether ILFI allows the offsite renewable energy exception for LBC and Energy Petal projects (as opposed to NZE or NZC). I just double checked with them and it turns out they... Read more

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Wondering if anyone has a contact for good [sustainable] interactive water feature designer? A client is looking for a designer to add to our team and I figured this network would certainly have some insights. Project will be located in Omaha, NE. 


Welcome to the quiz portion of Verifying Performance with Building Enclosure Commissioning.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Reason why the enclosure is fundamental to a sustainable building.
2. Explain why energy goals are less likely to be achieved without... Read more

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Hi MEP Leaders!

Here's a reminder that our monthly meeting is coming right up--today at 2:00 pm ET.

There is a lot to talk about: James has put together a starting point for our "how to make the best use of your engineer" guide. And Summit plans...

You can view the agenda here.

All members of the SMEPL network are... Read more

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Hi folks,

Our next private webinar is coming right up:

Fusion of Design + Performance: How Payette Was Recognized As AIA Firm of the Year

Tuesday, February 12, 1:00 pm EST

Payette is the first AIA Firm Award recipient to have been nominated jointly by the Committee on Design and Committee on the Environment. Z Smith... Read more

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With this special offer, you’ll get the Spec This Not That Report at the reduced price of $89, a $40 savings. Avoiding Toxic Chemicals in Commercial Building Projects

Can furniture be hazardous? You bet it can…

From flame retardants in foam cushions to unnecessary stain and dirt repellents on upholstery materials, everyday... Read more

Campus-wide Group

Peer Networks


The Sustainable MEP Leaders peer network brings together the best and most committed sustainability directors from leading MEP design firms in North America. We invite you to join us!

Benefits Private online forum: The perfect setting to ask questions and get advice from peers on issues that affect your work. You’ll also get... Read more

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Greetings friends.

Many of you have heard about the CARE Tool, (formerly the 2Build or not 2Build Carbon Calculator.) We are now in the final stages of bringing it online as a free, open access tool hosted by Architecture 2030. We are finalizing and aligning data and working with a web developer (the same one that brought us... Read more

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Have any of you heard of anyone ever using phase change material (PCM) "movable partitions" as a resiliency strategy to mitigate indoor overheating during a heat wave in passive buildings? You'd keep them stored in a basement or cool room, and deploy them into habitable spaces during the heat wave to keep the space cooler than the exterior... Read more

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I'm curious what other firms like to use to run site-specific sun path and wind path analysises that is relatively intuitive to use and generates good graphics. We have used the climate consultant software for wind roses which is free and simple. We've also used sefaira but we're hoping to crowd source more resources. We purchased... Read more