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I am working on a new community development in St. Paul that is striving to achieve net-zero energy. We are able to get there mathematically by using the extra generation on light industrial rooftops to offset medium-density housing energy use (all buildings are anticipated to have different, private owners). However, this puts us over... Read more

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Hello, All, Is anyone familiar with One Click LCA software and resources?  Similarities/differences from a Tally or Athena approach?  Many thanks!

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Thursday - June 16th - 1:30pm Eastern

Join our free Coffee Talk with Alex Spilger to discuss the latest WELL AP v2 exam. Hear what's new in this latest version, what to look for, and what to remember.

Alex combed the WELL Building Standard reference materials and took the v2 exam in writing an extensive exam prep guide.  Hear about... Read more

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Boilers heat water in hydronic heating systems, where it is distributed through baseboard radiators (convectors), panel radiators, or radiant-floor tubing.


Approved products include the highest-efficiency residential and small commercial gas- or oil-fired boilers and products (with less than 300,000 Btu/... Read more

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Hi all - at the suggestion of Nadav and some of the Sustainable MEP Leaders, I'm reposting a thread I started a couple days ago in the SMEP forum.

In response to increasingly aggressive (and effective) targeting of building owners (particularly schools), a group of researchers have put their support behind a letter warning against the... Read more

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Embodied carbon in products and existing buildings. What does LCA tell us about renovation vs. new construction and material choices?

Guiding Questions: 

What easy ways are there to communicate about embodied carbon? Are there easy ways to calculate it?  What do I need to know about LCA? Are there any found patterns of when it... Read more

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Hi all,

We have an institutional client who has tired of LEED and is instead putting forth EarthCraft Light Commerical as a replacement certification (they like the performance verification & lower cost that ECLC provides).  Has anyone used ECLC? It seemed an odd choice but wanted to hear from others on their experiences. The... Read more

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Remove the text "CASE 1. Non-Residential Projects" and insert below the text "OPTION 2"

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Curious what people's 'best' experiences or recommendations are for load calculations and energy modeling regarding electrochromic glazing... hoping I can lean on others as it's just now becoming more of a talking point in our market here in Omaha. 

Specific questions including whether load and energy modeling software are separate (... Read more

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Replace the text of the first bullet with the following:Employ permanent entryway systems at least 10 feet long in the primarydirection of travel to capture dirt and particulates entering the building atregularly used exterior entryways. Acceptable entryway systems includepermanently installed grates, grills and slotted systems that allow... Read more

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Textiles have some of the worst environmental records of any product found in our buildings. Textile production uses a number of hazardous chemicals and pollutes water; and its environmental impacts often affect our most vulnerable populations.

BuildingGreen favors textiles made using fibers and manufacturing processes that have low... Read more


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In the first sentence of the requirements, add "or hydro chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) -" after "Do not use chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)" and before "based refrigerants..."

In the sentence that begins "When reusing existing HVAC&R equipment", add "and/or HCFC" after "a comprehensive CFC" and before "phase-out conversion before project... Read more

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This are opportunities for us to get involved as design and construction allies with the new administration and the US Department of Energy on more efficient building.

The first link below is for low-carbon projects that will provide the case studies and solutions that the industry can follow.  The second is identifying barriers and... Read more

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At the end of the Waste Management Policy for Maintenance and Renovation, add:

• Furniture waste (Multifamily only). The policy should address storage locations for furniture and reuse or recycling of furniture waste.

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Huge shout out to Patty Lloyd, Luke Leung, Janet Olsen, and Sarah Gudeman for their webinar on the Power of Peer Networks. They share lots of insights into the value of participating in BG Peer Networks and many others. Ten bucks to Illinois Green gets you access to the recording--I loved it. What would you have said that they didn't?


Welcome to the quiz portion of Net-Zero Water and More: Moving Beyond “Low Flow”

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Define net-zero water.
2. Describe the role of utilities in water efficiency solutions.
3. Explain the water-energy nexus and the water-... Read more