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Hi all,

I have asked a few of you in this list, but thought I might expand the question to the wide group.

To ensure that your firm will be able to collect post-occupancy energy data from your completed projects, have any of you included language about sharing energy data during operations in an owner agreement/contract? We have... Read more

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Congrats Nadav!!!!

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Many on this list teach or have strong contacts with university programs, so I'm hoping to leverage our network in service of something that may be of general benefit.

EDR has a Research Fellowship program where we host young talent for 3 or 12 months addressing new theme each year. The Fellow(s) get "academic freedom" and have no... Read more

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Apologies if some of you are seeing this for the second time - on behalf of Frances Yang, Mike Gryniuk and the Carbon Leadership Forum, consider signing on in support of the SE 2050 Challenge for structural engineers. (Yes, there is an option to sign on as a non-structural engineer, in support of the program.)

http://... Read more

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Happy Earth Day! I'm sharing the results of our office Earth Day Mind Map, a collaborative event lead by our Green Team with office-wide participation. 

We are celebrating with a virtual happy hour later today and will use the Mind Map to generate conversation and sharing.

I would love to hear... Read more

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Hey All,

Those of us in the electrification working group have been talking about the impending release of this new NREL tool, which provides hourly (TOU) GHG emissions forecasts for grid regions around the country. This will be a useful tool in evaluating the impacts of HVAC electrifcation, EV integration, load shifting, storage, etc. I... Read more

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Hi Gurus,

We are having a hard time sourcing a baby changing table that is free of anticmicrobial coatings. KoalaKare, the predominate manufacturer, includes Microban in both their plastic and stainless steel product options.  Does anyone have any experience with a durable, ADA compliant and readily available baby changing table free of... Read more

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Hey there, SMEPLs:

Just a reminder that we are on the menu for the next in the Green Gurus Coffee Talk series. 

Please use this link to register

All the SMEPLs are invited to join in the conversation where we talk about things that rumble, squeal, gurgle and spark to our peers in the Design, Construction and Advisory peer... Read more

Product Guide

CEUs are available for reading our entire plumbing guide. Click here to learn more and take the quiz.

Piping used for drains, waste stems, and vents is typically made from materials such as PVC or cast iron, which are durable but have significant manufacturing and other life-cycle impacts.

BuildingGreen-... Read more



Welcome to the quiz portion of The Cost of Comfort: Climate Change and Refrigerants!

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

Explain how refrigerants work, the energy challenges they present for design teams, and the opportunities for efficiency and building performance.

... Read more

Spotlight Report

Net zero-energy (NZE) projects are a big step in the right direction, but we must start designing and operating them differently to accelerate the transition away from carbon emissions in the building sector.

In this report we list eight ways that NZE projects miss the mark on climate goals, including how they affect the electricity... Read more

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Announcing Sustainability Leaders Week: 2021 Summit-Palooza

Join us for a week of networking, sharing, and problem-solving! During the week of February 22–26, 2021 you can connect with sustainability leaders within your discipline as well as across the Peer Networks. We’ll create a space for you to offer support, exchange ideas and... Read more

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Emma's role at BuildingGreen includes coordinating social media activity, setting up and scheduling weekly emails, and completing various marketing projects. She is also responsible for ensuring that members receive continuing education credits.

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