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My firm didn't have representation at the winter summit, but I've just read the report (thank you, RoseAnn!), and was really glad to see there was conversation around mass timber. I'd love to talk with anyone who was involved in that roundtable to get a deeper download about the discussion. We've been doing a lot of mass timber buildings and... Read more

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In the second line of the text, replace "Case 1, Option 2" with "Option 2, Case 1"


Welcome to the quiz portion of Building Re-Entry with Arc

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

1.  Explain the similarities and differences between LEED v4.1 O+M performance metrics and the Arc Re-Entry program.

2.  Understand how Arc Re-Entry contributes to an iterative re-... Read more

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Received answers from below questions from NIST Andy Persily

1. Is there a preferred bookends range of CO2 for both “optimal” energy and human performances?

Andy: No

2.Is the ASHRAE ventilation of 1000-1200 ppm average, probably not based on performance, suggesting current ventilation rate is sub-optimal with cognitive... Read more

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Hi folks,

We often hear from you with a suggestion of someone who would be great for the network, and a question about how to refer them. We've now made that easy, with three steps laid out in an Outreach Toolkit that's posted in the left margin of the Member Directory.

So, if you're thinking of someone to invite or come across... Read more

Product Guide

 CEUs are available for reading our entire plumbing guide. Click here to learn more and take the quiz.

Water heating is typically the fourth largest energy expenditure in commercial buildings (behind lighting, heating, and cooling).

BuildingGreen-Approved Water Heaters

The most efficient fuel-fired water heaters include electronic... Read more

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Under Requirements, delete "Meet the requirements for both thermal comfort design and thermal comfort control."

Credit - Rating System Correction

Under Requirements, in the second sentence, delete "7.5% of the total site area (i.e. 25% of the outdoor space)" and replace with "At least 25% of the calculated outdoor open space....”

Product Guide

Furnaces heat air that is then distributed through ducting and warm-air registers.

Approved by BuildingGreen

Products approved by BuildingGreen include the highest-efficiency, sealed-combustion furnaces and high-efficiency wood or multi-fuel furnaces. A multi-fuel furnace uses several sources of energy such as wood, wood-pellets... Read more


The current Stantec/BuildingGreen featured topic is Material Health. Read on to learn the essentials, and then dive deep to earn CEUS.

Also see the Resilient Design featured topic, and also a survey of topics trending in Stantec’s regions.... Read more

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At Living Future last week a woman from Google asked about cost comparisons and I shared that the City of Santa Monica conducted a study analyzing the costs of a prototypical mixed-use project for a Living Building vs. LEED v4 Platinum vs. code compliant (Title 24, part 6). I thought this group might be interested as well so here is the link... Read more

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Dear SD Leaders: I'm writing to make sure that you've seen a letter that has been circulating protesting the ‘pro-asbestos’ rule change the EPA is considering.  The letter is soliciting firm signatures/owners (as opposed to individuals).  I encourage you to sign and/or get your firm to sign ASAP. 

Please forward as well to any firm from... Read more

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Delete Option 1 header text "Option 1. ASHRAE Standard 55-2017"
Delete Option 2 text :
Option 2. ISO Standards
Design HVAC systems and the building envelope to meet the requirements of the applicable standard:
• ISO 7730:2005, Ergonomics of the Thermal Environment, analytical determination and interpretation... Read more

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I am looking for anyone that specializes in this area, see the principles below.

We have looked at HOK's Neurodiveristy document which is great. Are there other resources like this, or other designers/consultants you have worked with?



Kristen... Read more