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Hello Green Gurus,

Here are all the details about our two Peer Network events in Chicago on Tuesday, June 21st. If you'll be in town, we hope to see you!

From 1-5pm we'll have the Chicago/Midwest Region Mini-Summit, open to members of any of the five Peer Networks (Sustainability Consultants, Community Design Leaders, Contractors... Read more

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In the next to last row of the table, add "%" between "30" and "or less"

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Buildings aren’t garbage. But you wouldn’t know it by examining the way the AEC industry works. 

We typically design buildings for a single, limited purpose. We build them partly out of plastics that can’t be readily recycled. We choose diverse materials with varying lifespans and glue them all together. We... Read more

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Hi all - Can you help me with a list of states with pending electrification/fossil fuel free ordinances? I am providing some technical aasistance for an article that is going to press soon. The author has listed WA, CO, and MA but I'm unsure how far each of these go and if it's technically correct to call them electrification ordinances.

... Read more

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Hi Green Gurus (esp. Sustainable MEP leaders...)

I'm looking for suggestions of contacts for MEP consultants, especially in the Chicagoland region, ideally with sustainability highly integrated into the work, specialization in geothermal systems, and indoor agriculture. (doesn't necessarily have to be all-in-one)

For context, we... Read more

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There can be significant value to interpreting green building features—displaying energy use, or explaining how a daylighting system works, for example.

BuildingGreen-Approved Building Dashboards

We look for dashboards with engaging, user-friendly displays designed to raise the awareness of building occupants or inform facility... Read more


Mary Ann Lazarus

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1. Remove the header for Option 1
2. Replace the sentence starting with "Using native or adapted vegetation, restore 25%" with "Restore a portion of the site (including the building footprint) identified as previously disturbed and follow vegetation and soil requirements below". 
3. In the next sentence, "Vegetated roof surfaces may... Read more

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Columbia already offers access to free EV charging for our field employees. Of the few projects that have have opted in so far, we've had to custom design and intall EV charging setups. It's good that we're doing this, but it won't scale quickly enough and cost effectively.  I think a practical next step is working with trailer companies so... Read more

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Under Requirements, revise inherently nonemitting sources sentence to read:

Inherently nonemitting sources. Products that are inherently nonemitting sources of VOCs (stone, ceramic, powder-coated metals, plated or anodized metal, glass, concrete, clay brick, and unfinished or untreated solid wood) are considered fully compliant... Read more

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Welcome to the quiz portion of Green Building Product Certifications: Getting What You Need.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Differentiate between a standard and a certification.
2. Describe "greenwashing" and list at least two ways to spot it.
3.... Read more

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Hi All,

Wanted to let you all know about an ADSDL inspired event we are having on Thursday in Boston.  We’re having close to 40 presenters giving 5 minute presentations (sound familiar?) on the latest and greatest strategies getting us to net positive energy buildings.

Please forward this on to folks in your Boston offices.  ... Read more

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Hi All,

The National Architectural Accrediting Board is currently undergoing review and revision of its “Conditions for Accreditation and Procedures for Accreditation.”

I recently attended the 2019 Reynolds Symposium: Education by Design, hosted by the University of Oregon in Portland. At the Symposium, a group of 100... Read more

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Hello Sustainable MEP Leaders!

Over the weekend BuildingGreen received an inquiry about connecting with this peer network regarding a project. Please review David Cohan's email below to see if it is something of interest for this group.

We would invite you to reach out directly to David Cohan and let us here at BuildingGreen know... Read more

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Dear SDL: I'm writing to urge you to promote project submittals in your firm and region to the 2018 AIA COTE Top Ten  (TT) Award. The submittal deadline is 5PM EST  January 17, 2018 - coming right up!  The TT awards are one of the most recognized design awards for the general public and receive wide circulation through mainstream media.   AIA... Read more