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In looking for ways to reduce jobsite waste and lower our carbon emissions, I'm working on a business plan for centralized procurement, in lieu of individual project purchasing their own tools, PPE, & consumables.  I'm curious as to how many other GC's on here use (or have used) a central purchasing process and if you have any pros/cons... Read more

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Hi All

I'm wondering if any of you know how to track the GWP for materials that do not have an EPD?  I'm trying to do a carbon comparison on batteries but neither one has an EPD that I can find.  Thanks for any guidance you may have. 

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Hi All,

I wanted to share an exciting opportinity with this esteemed group: Placetailor is seeking out a Mechanical Engineer to add to their growing team. They are located in Boston, MA and focus on Passive House, Low-energy Design, and they have for two years running meet the tenets of the AIA 2030 Commitment! This is an exciting place... Read more

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I imagine you've already considered this, but I wanted to mention it before you cross the point of no return...

The name "BIT Building" has the potential to be misunderstood out of context because it sounds like it has something to do with Bitcoin.  I don't think this is a huge problem, but you may want to evaluate the risk... Read more

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Remove the following text:OROPTION 3. Combination (2 points)Achieve the requirements of both Option 1 & Option 2.


Welcome to the quiz portion of LEED 2009: The Missing Manual.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Stay abreast of changes to LEED NC-2009.
2. Understand the more ambiguous aspects of LEED NC-2009.
3. Explain key interpretations of LEED NC-2009.
4.... Read more

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Hello everyone!

The Sustainable Design Leaders Summit will be kicking off with a Pre-Summit workshop in Seattle July 31st, 9am - 3pm. If you are interested in joining your peers for this workshop, please see the registration link below. Also, if you know someone in the Seattle area that would be good to have in the workshop and might be... Read more

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Hello everyone,

For those I have yet to meet, I'm Jen, the latest member of BuildingGreen's Peer Networks team.

Although it's been a few weeks now, we wanted to share the slide decks from some of the presentations that took place in Las Vegas back in June. Thank you to those of you who presented and who have given us permission... Read more

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At the end of the Waste Management Policy for Maintenance and Renovation, add:

• Furniture waste (Multifamily only). The policy should address storage locations for furniture and reuse or recycling of furniture waste.

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Hello Sustainable Construction Leaders!

Here at BuildingGreen we are excited and looking forward to creating a valuable and engaging online summit with you all for 2020! In addition to going online, this year we have shifted the dates so that the SCL Summit will occur within weeks of all other Peer Network Summits. This allows us to host... Read more

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Under Option 1, each bullet should be renamed as Path 1 and Path 2, respectively.

For Path 1, change both instances of "person" to "capita"

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Reformat the requirements section as indicated in the supplemental document.

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Hi all,

I just joined the SDL group and am grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of this awesome community! 

I have an exciting residential embodied carbon research opportunity to share…

Lake|Flato Architects is collaborating as an industry partner with the RE2 Lab and the Hamer Center for Community Design at Penn... Read more

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Shane, please confirm that there is a meeting this Friday (4/6) and if the time is 3:00 ET. We plan to have at least one member from our team there. Also, please forward the links/numbers for joining the meeting.

It would be helpful to know any questions you have ahead of time (if possible) so we can bring answers and what portion of... Read more

Product Guide

Wallcoverings get all the attention, but it’s often their adhesives that contribute to indoor air quality problems.

BuildingGreen-Approved Adhesives

BuildingGreen approves adhesives that meet zero-VOC content limits.

We prefer wallcovering adhesives that meet CDPH Standard Method v1.1 or other, more stringent, emissions protocols... Read more

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Greetings Gurus!

For those who missed it - last year we had a blast enjoying all of the brave souls who shared their awesome talents with us all - what could be better than to start the new year with friends and fun!?!

(See links below for last year's program)

If you are willing to perform again - that's great! (just cause... Read more