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Dear all,

Greetings. I'm presenting virtually to an audience of architecture and engineering faculty in India on the topic 'Introduction to Climate Change and Adaptive Architecture.' What is expected of the presentation is a broad overview of how climate change affects the built environment, challenges faced and some coping mechanisms. I... Read more

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Does anyone have a Passive House detailing resource recommendation? Something that is applicable to wood over podium and/or metal framing construction? I have the book below but looking for something more applicable.

Passive House Details: Solutions for High-Performance Design 1st Edition

by Donald B. Corner (Author), Jan C.... Read more

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Most products sold as “ceramic tile” are fired at lower temperatures and are less durable.

For porcelain tile, BuildingGreen starts with the Green2 standard for sustainable tiling—ANSI A138.1 American National Standard Specifications for Sustainable Ceramic Tiles, Glass Tiles, and Tile Installation Materials. This is a multi-attribute... Read more

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Has anyone heard about batu or cumaru as substitutes for ipe? I am looking for a durable deckling material, and would appreciate your recommendations for sustainable choices!

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Hi everyone - we have a new higher ed client who is committed to sustainability but not very knowledgeable about current topics such as carbon (both embodied and operational) or the electrification of buildings.  I need to educate them and would like to start with some easily-digestible background reading.  But as we all know, we're a bit dorky... Read more

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Hi all! During our Contractor’s Commitment call last week Amanda made a great point about sharing of waste data to gain some realistic, current metrics. Just like I assume many of you, we have both seen a decline in successful diversion these last few years and our companies’ overall percentages have taken a hit. In an effort to gain a full... Read more

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Hello, All,

Does anyone have experience with cove.tool (  Perhaps for those projects that may not get fully modeled, or as a tool to help set baselines?  It came across our radar recently, and I'm wondering if the subscription might be worth a try.



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Hi folks,

For those in the SD Leaders network, here's a reminder about the webinar this Friday at 2:00 eastern time. I hope you can join us!

For other Green Gurus, you're welcome to join in, get a preview of the report, and learn about what happened at the SDL Summit at Gulf State Park, in Alabama (fortunately, NOT near where the... Read more


Trillian Dent


Welcome to the quiz portion of Downscaled Climate Data: Where to Get It and How to Use It.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

1.  Define “downscaled climate data” and understand where to find it and how to apply it in modeling to achieve greater environmental sustainability and... Read more

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Hello all,

Does anyone know of any Rebate Program for either induction cooking equipment or kitchen electrification (new or existing)? Looking for any local or state or even federal programs (outside of California) that incentivize designing/building/retrofitting towards an all electric kitchen for any program type (institutional, single... Read more

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Tuesday, June 20th 2:00pm Eastern (11am Pacific)

Practitioners interested in reducing the embodied carbon of buildings are likely now used to considering the impact of different materials, like mass timber or low-carbon concrete. Low-carbon construction, however, may be less familiar. 

Contractors are just... Read more


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Hi all,

We are designing a mass timber building and are closing in on selecting our mass timber supplier.  One supplier is offering FSC wood and the other is offering PEFC.  I don't know enough about PEFC to make a clear recommendation to the client about how it compares to FSC.  I understand that PEFC endorsed SFI, so that concerns me... Read more

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Hi all-

We are dabbling in developing an official research component of our firm. We have collaborated with a class at a local university and are looking for ways to take our research to a higher level. I'm curious how some of the other firms doing design or building technology research approach the process. For instance, do you have a... Read more