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Green Gurus,

We'd love your feedback.

The MEP group is endeavoring to make progress on integrative design. It has been long accepted that integrative design is necessary to make real progress, but a lack of stellar results demonstrates that it is easier said than done.

What is your experience with successes and failures... Read more

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The Project StaSIO competition is in full swing, and its time to rate the submissions that made it to the public voting round!  Fancy yourself a connoisseur of simulation graphics and have a spare 5-10 minutes this Friday?  Take a browse through the gallery and rate the 10 graphics and 4 case studies that made it to the final round! Winners... Read more

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So our last webinar effort flamed out with the overloaded internet, but we've regrouped and have the session scheduled for this Thursday 4/2 at 1:10.  We pre-recorded the webinar to make sure everything goes smoothly and I have to say that Mike is delivering some pretty fantastic content. It doesn't engage LCA tools, rather focusing on core... Read more

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The 2019 Summer SDL Summit has reached full capacity.


For questions and/or to be added to the Summer Summit waiting list, please email Jerelyn Wilson directly.

2019 Summer SDL Summit
Islandwood, Bainbridge Island, WA
July 31st- August 2nd, 2019

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Hi Everyone,

Who has worked on a SITES certification and can share the approximate hours involved for administering and completing documentation? A relative sense of the effort compared to LEED would also be helpful, similar to the thread about WELL on this same subject. 

Appreciate any insight. Thanks! -Hilary

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Hi everyone,

I'm interested in identifying any in-person opportunities (local to Greater Boston) to engage my office during Earth Week. We are all excited to be able to do things in person now, so if anyone has anything on their radar please let me know (a panel, educational activity, or volunteer opportunity!)

Thanks,... Read more

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Glad to see some of you at the COTE event at our studio last week.

Has anybody heard of this company and technology?

Thanks in advance, Zach

Zach Craun, WELL AP, LEED GA



250 West 57th Street

New York, NY 10107

... Read more

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At the start of 2021 there was one signatory to the contractors commitment (thanks Leopardo!).  Today, there are 12 companies participating, representing over $24 Billion in total revenue.

We don’t always give ourselves enough credit or take enough time to savor our accomplishments because there is always more to do.  But, this is a big... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Introduction to Fitwel Certification: On-Demand Webcast.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

1.  Identify the different categories within Fitwel and the particular human health and wellness aspects.

2.  Describe the differences between Fitwel... Read more

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Avoiding Toxic Chemicals in Commercial Building Projects

We’re excited to issue our special report, Spec This, Not That.

In updating the report in 2020, we engaged a respected toxicology and regulatory-compliance firm to review and assist in our revision of the entire publication. This edition reflects the latest science in several key... Read more

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I wanted to make sure that you didn’t miss this fun event.  We can all use some fun right now.

Built Environment Plus is celebrating the arrival of spring with a fun competition to get people out and about safely. A digital Scavenger Hunt will allow teams of 4 (or larger families) to complete a series of photo, video, and text missions... Read more

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Greetings to the Green Commons!

Those of you who attended Greenbuild may remember that during one of the keynotes, Ali Zaidi - White House National Climate Advisor, announced that the White House was developing a definition for "Zero Emissions Buildings" (here’s a [LINK] to a related Washington Post article). The draft language for the... Read more

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Hi All, 

As I mentioned at the summit, I'd like to start a discussion thread on knowledge management, company Intranets, and limiting Information overload as it pertains to sustainability. Those who are interested can share thoughts and experiences via this thread and maybe we'll set up an occasional phone call.  

Here are the... Read more

Product Guide

Evaporative coolers use far less electricity than conventional refrigerant-cycle air conditioners and they operate without the use of refrigerants, both features that make them attractive for green buildings. However, their suitability is limited to drier climates, and most products use significant quantities of water.

BuildingGreen... Read more

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I'm putting together information on natural gas bans (or put another way, all electric buildings) for an advocacy effort and looking for some experts. Anyone have thoughts on banning natural gas and other fossil fuels on residential projects? Specifically what are the considerations/challenges/opportunities at each scale (single family, low... Read more