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Hi Everyone!

I am now in my last week in the Bay Area, and in my last three weeks at (my first 15 years at) SERA, as I will be leaving on my extended sabbatical at the end of April!

I will miss following this group's dialogue, and will especially miss attending the summits for the next couple of years! 

My colleagues Mark... Read more

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Hello Sustainable Construction Leaders,

We’re happy to see the first round of registrations rolling in! If you haven’t yet, make sure to register here. And if you have any friends not currently in our Member Directory that you’d like to see at the Summit, encourage them to reach out to me ( We’ll get them set... Read more


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Happy Monday all!

i am looking for ROM on cost premium for LEEDv4 to go from Gold to Platinum and from Gold to Net Zero, anyone have any stats?  just looking for % premium.  Our projects show around 1% to get to Gold but not sure what it looks like above that.  Thank you!


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Nothing exciting like embodied carbon or EPDs... but I'm interested in some real talk on the actual performance of low-flow fixtures.  

We continue to encounter pushback on water-saving fixtures for concerns of ongoing performance. I'd love to have a dialog in this group because I find it hard to believe these challenges can't be... Read more

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I would like to invite you to come see the progress of the Oakland EcoBlock on 4/21! Page is co-presenting at the ULI event and we have been pulling together the latest material. It would be great if you can join!

Posted yesterday on the OEB web page Sign up here: Read more

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The BuildingGreen Guide to Thermal Insulation provides detailed guidance on insulation products and practices, including recommendations on what insulation to use and what to avoid. It's a treasure trove of information for architects and designers, builders, and anyone who is actively considering the impact of insulation on the quality of your... Read more

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Revise credit name to ‘Compact, Mixed Use and Transit Oriented Development’

Revise Intent to read as: "To encourage compact and mixed use development, high levels of connectivity and daily walking, biking, and transit use."

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Gypsum is calcium sulfate dehydrate, which is mined or produced as a byproduct of flue gas desulphurization (FGD) from coal-fired power plants. FGD gypsum may contain trace contaminants from coal processing, but not enough to represent a hazard to users. Years ago, some imported products created indoor air quality problems that required... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Programming Buildings for Health: WELL, Fitwel, and Beyond!

Important: This quiz covers all related articles within this topic. Scroll to the bottom of the article page to find links to all the articles covered by this quiz.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

See Rating System language and/or Credit Library for full list of changes

• Prerequisite has been restructured into 3 sections to differentiate requirements for:
o mixed-use projects
o non-mixed-use projects; and
o on-site inspection and verification activities derived from ENERGY STAR (e.g. thermal enclosure... Read more

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How can an Editor delete, hide or updated posts that others create.  We need to take down some of the test posts but there may be cases where something posted is incorrect or not appropriate.   When a BIT Expert is assigned to a Best Practice, is there a setting that will send them an email any time a new question is added to their BP.  During... Read more

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Replace all instances of "errata" with "addenda"

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I'm curious what other firms like to use to run site-specific sun path and wind path analysises that is relatively intuitive to use and generates good graphics. We have used the climate consultant software for wind roses which is free and simple. We've also used sefaira but we're hoping to crowd source more resources. We purchased... Read more

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