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Has anyone found/used a non-PVC peel-and-stick countertop film?  Working with a client on a corporate renovation, and while we've been able to find a non-PVC product for the kitchen cabinets, I can't seem to find one that works for horizontal surfaces.  And they're looking for a cost-effective and quick-turnaround solution so don't want to... Read more

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Posting at the request of Sara Bayer of Magnusson Architecture and Planning, who will soon join this group:

"In our quest to achieve Passive House EUI levels in all of our multifamily projects in a healthy manner, we are encountering pushback on the one item that is not really code min just yet (in NYC) and adds real cost:  ERV’s.  Our... Read more


Boyd is part of the marketing team at BuildingGreen, where he supports analytics and social media engagement.

Boyd’s experience before joining BuildingGreen includes a decade in the paddlesports industry guiding whitewater trips as well as 5 years working in beer and wine manufacturing with a focus on customer interaction as well as... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of LEED vs. Green Globes: What's the Difference? (recorded webcast)

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Explain how LEED and Green Globes in turn approach key credit requirements.
2. Describe differences between LEED and Green Globes... Read more

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Hi Everyone!

I am now in my last week in the Bay Area, and in my last three weeks at (my first 15 years at) SERA, as I will be leaving on my extended sabbatical at the end of April!

I will miss following this group's dialogue, and will especially miss attending the summits for the next couple of years! 

My colleagues Mark... Read more

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The Baltimore office for Hord Coplan Macht is looking to hire a Sustainability Coordinator.  Please find the specifics here or attached and pass along if you know of someone who may be a good fit.

Thank you,

Ara Massey 

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Hello! Does anyone know of any general contractors who produce a CSR? Is anyone aware of any general contractors who have an ESG rating? If so, what company is being utilized (i.e. EcoVadis) to get the ESG rating?  

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Happy Earth Day! I'm sharing the results of our office Earth Day Mind Map, a collaborative event lead by our Green Team with office-wide participation. 

We are celebrating with a virtual happy hour later today and will use the Mind Map to generate conversation and sharing.

I would love to hear... Read more

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Hi All, I was initially reluctant to share this, but I've seen similar posts and I think it's in line with our mission and interests so I'll go ahead with it.

Tomorrow 12/9 at 1 PM EST I'm moderating a panel of industry leaders in public health (as it pertains to buildings), construction finance, and project development to review the... Read more

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Hi All,

How are folks funding training for your employees? Would it help to have free training opportunities besides lunch and learns or ones you do yourself?

For those of you outside of Massachusetts you may have employees or friends in MA that this could be relevant to.  I'm hoping my friends in MA have already heard this.

... Read more

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Hi: Great to see so many of you at AIA COTE Top Ten last week.  I'm forwarding the message below for those of you who know Marsha Maytum and can contribute to this important effort. Deadline is next Friday June 23rd!Thanks.

Mary Ann

Hello, friends,

During A'23, Je’Nen and I discussed our desire to send Marsha photos we have... Read more

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has completed the BuildingGreen continuing education course titled



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AIA has approved this course (#[node:field_quiz_aia_course]) for [node:field-quiz-ceu-... Read more

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Carpet is comfortable, offers good sound control, and offers great aesthetic options. But it is typically made from petrochemicals, and carpet and its adhesives can offgas VOCs. It is also a challenge to recycle, increasing the chances that it will be incinerated or disposed of in a landfill. Broadloom carpet cannot be readily repaired if... Read more

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One week until our AdRESS conference in Houston! Nadav and I hope to see some of you there. Check out the latest announcement.

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Has anyone been asked by a client to track welding rods on any projects? We were recently asked to do this. I was asked why the client would ask us to do this. I don't know if it has to do w/ "real property" and is a property tax-related reason, or if it is an environmental/sustainable reason. There is piping associated with the... Read more

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Reminder: For anyone interested in continuing to participate in the Climate Smart Wood Working Group, please note that we have joined the other CSWG and will have our first meeting next Wednesday.  Visit the Working Group page for the meeting invite and agenda.


This is a test for surveys.

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HGA is seeking a Sustainable Materials Specialist to join our team! 

The role involves working with project teams to educate, research, and support decision-making related to sustainable materials and, in connection with sustainability experts across the firm, developing resources and tools to elevate HGA’s materials baseline.

The... Read more