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In the seventh line of the first paragraph, replace the text "Credit 2" with "Credits 2.1 and 2.2"

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Extremely proud to say that the just-announced winner of the international 'Next Generation Facade' design competition is a team led by the 2017-18 EDR Research Fellow, Liz McCormick.   The facade normally separates inside from outside. What if the 'facade' was a place you occupied, where you worked? What if different parts of the facade... Read more

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Hi SDL: sorry to send another missive so soon but I wanted all to be aware of a great new effort just announced today coming from Greg Kats and Vivian Loftness among others - The Smart Surfaces Coalition. This effort brings together resources and research around city-scale resilience. "The Coalition is committed to the rapid, cost-effective... Read more

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Hi All!

Our company recently rolled out a corporate Green Team of volunteers across the company working to drive sustainability initiatives at their respective office locations. I wanted to reach out and ask who has a Green Team (or similar name) at their company and learn more about how different Green Teams are structured within the... Read more

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Many of you saw this from BlackRock.

SOM, starting with London office, is drafting a letter to our MEP consultants, demanding and holding them accountable for climate change as a preference on consultants selection.


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Hi All - I wanted to share out the All For Reuse initiative below by two peers in the sustainable materials management network. I know some SDL have already done much research on this from quite a few angles, and those with LBC experience probably even moreso in practice. 

Frances Yang (Arup) and Andrew Ellsworth (Doors Unhinged) have... Read more

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Thought I'd share this interesting research about something I hadn't considered as another pandemic impact - the use of video in Zoom etc calls vs. audio only. Maybe an excuse to keep your camera off some of the time?


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Kristen Fritsch, in the thread about ipe wood, asked about resources comparing the carbon footprint of transporting building materials vs the transport mode.  There are people who spend their lives on this topic that I won't presume to speak for, but I'll share a few observations:

Even though freight transport is something like 7% of... Read more


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Hi! I'm writing a short news piece on WELL v2 and looking for someone very familiar with the existing and v2 standards to interview about the changes. If you meet that description and would like to go on the record with your thoughts, please reply to me directly at Thanks!


Welcome to the quiz portion of Cool Products from the Latest Greenbuild Expo.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Describe innovative products for HVAC and the building envelope.
2. Describe innovative products for saving water and managing stormwater.
3.... Read more

Reports, Courses, Study Guides, Live Webinars


This one-hour crash course will review the concepts and key facts within the WELL Building... Read more

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Credit - Rating System Correction

For BD+C, revise language under Table 1 to read as follows. For O+M insert the language below under Table 1.

"Roof area that consists of functional, usable spaces (such as helipads, recreation courts, and similar amenity areas) may meet the requirements of nonroof measures. Applicable roof area excludes roof area covered by... Read more

Product Guide

Wall and corner guards increase durability, but these products are typically made of PVC.

BuildingGreen-Approved Guards

BuildingGreen approves products that avoid the use of PVC and are made with recycled content, FSC-certified wood, other biobased materials, or less-problematic plastics. 

Health and Environmental Considerations

... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

Add a superscript for footnote 2 to each occurrence of the term "preferred parking".

Credit - Rating System Correction

In the first line of the first paragraph, replace the word "buildings" with "tenant space" so the text becomes "...calculated for the tenant space (not..."


Credit - Rating System Correction

EA credit Renewable Energy:
- revise the credit intent to read as follows: "To reduce the environmental and economic harms associated with fossil fuel energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the supply of renewable energy projects and foster a just transition to a green economy."