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Engineered wood efficiently utilizes fast-growing, small-diameter trees.

When sourced from responsibly managed forests, engineered wood can sequester carbon that would otherwise enter the atmosphere, and can replace high-embodied-carbon concrete and steel in some structural applications.

Engineered wood products can also provide... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Sustainable Sites: Primers from Environmental Building News.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1) Describe how invasive plants can harm an ecosystem, and why native plants are generally less work and less expensive.
2) Explain the... Read more

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Everyone agreed during last Friday's meeting that we want to call the site BITuser. The question, however, is what domain name should be used.

Whatever domain name is chosen, it will redirect to the actual site URL -- (similar to how redirects to

... Read more

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Hi SD Leaders,

As you may be aware, this past April a group of manufacturers calling themselves the Living Product 50 responded to the letters that many of us sent about five years ago advocating for transparency in their product ingredients.  A copy of that letter can be reviewed about midway through the page at this link:  https://... Read more

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Hi! We're putting together a pre-summit survey to collect input from everyone who's signed up for the Summit; we'll use that to prep the agenda for our get-together July 9-10.

Based on our last few phone calls, here's a list of topics on our radar. If there are others you'd like to see added to the survey, or if you have more thoughts... Read more

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Please share this info with any contacts you have that you think would be a good candidate for our Design Performance Coordinator position -- Thanks!

Design Performance Coordinator in San Antonio

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Hi Green Gurus!

I am trying to find a source for this chart/graph illustrating the relative cost of design and construction versus the long term operational and occupant costs. Any thoughts are appreciated.



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Deliver expert content to your students

Use BuildingGreen campus-wide to integrate the latest innovative building technologies into course content. We provide:

Green Building 101
Technical information made simple

In-depth articles
Whys and hows of building strategies

Pro webcast library
Watch and... Read more

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Hi Everyone.  Hope you and your families are all healthy and safe.

We are starting to figure out how we are going to implement the Contractors Commitment at my company, and we're using the opportunity to simultaneously set corporate wide and jobsite metrics and goals for sustainability tracking.

Each year we issue a sustainability... Read more

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Hello Sustainable Construction Leaders, 

Mark your calendars! The next quarterly SCL call will be Wednesday, July 28th, 3pm ET (noon PT) and will focus on ESG.

Check in with three contractors at varying levels of development in their ESG programs. Julia Gisewite from Turner Construction, Jennifer Taranto from STO Building Group,... Read more

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Producing cement, the primary ingredient in concrete, generates significant amounts of CO2, mercury, and other pollutants, so maximizing its performance and finding substitutes when possible can improve the environmental footprint of a building.

BuildingGreen-Approved Concrete Products

Concrete products—including precast concrete panels—... Read more


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I wanted to make sure that you didn’t miss this fun event.  We can all use some fun right now.

Built Environment Plus is celebrating the arrival of spring with a fun competition to get people out and about safely. A digital Scavenger Hunt will allow teams of 4 (or larger families) to complete a series of photo, video, and text missions... Read more

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I really enjoyed last week's "Integrative Solutions Jam - Getting Better Materials Into Projects".  Thanks BuildingGreen for setting that up.  One of the great parts were the break out groups, where 4 of us could dig into various topics more deeply.

We got into a conversation about circularity and material re-use and Laura Soma with Gly... Read more

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Welcome to the quiz portion of Protect Your Spec: 14 Strategies. 

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

Identify ways to ensure continuity between the environmentally preferable materials in a project specification, and the less-than-ideal materials that end up used in the final... Read more

Spotlight Report

Inequity is woven into the fabric of our built environment.

Cities are endemically segregated by income and race. Many building projects seek to enhance the profits of developers, often at the expense of the surrounding community. The building professions lack diversity, leading to the unconscious but systemic exclusion of... Read more

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IP credit Integrative Process

Under the heading "Energy-Related Systems" add the following text:
"Establish an energy performance target no later than the schematic design phase. The target must be established using one of the following metrics:
• kBtu per square foot-year (kWh per square meter-year) of site energy use... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

Delete the following text in the subparagraph, "Providing a discounted parking rate is an acceptable substitute for preferred parking for carpool or vanpool vehicles. To establish a meaningful incentive in all potential markets, the parking rate must be discounted at least 20%. The discounted rate must be available to all customers (i.e., not... Read more