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Credit - Rating System Correction

Change footnote text to, "For the purposes of this credit, low-emitting vehicles are defined as vehicles that are classified as Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) by the California Air Resources Board. Fuel-efficient vehicles are defined as vehicles that have achieved a minimum green score of 40 on the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy... Read more

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I had a client ask recently if there is a 'better' global social justice tool than ILFI's JUST for use outside the U.S. 

Personally, I'd look to WELLv2 feature C12 - Organizational Transparency for other options... but personally have very limited knowledge of options c-e.

Do folks have an opinion on if any of these prograams are... Read more

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Credit - Rating System Correction

Under Insulation, add "by cost or surface area," so the requirement reads: At least 75% of all insulation, by cost or surface area, meets the VOC emissions evaluation.

Under Furniture, replace "VOC emissions evaluation" with "Furniture emissions evaluation" so the requirement reads: "At least 75% of all furniture in the project scope... Read more

Peer Networks

Welcome to the 13th Annual Sustainable Design Leaders Summit!

This year’s Summit will be virtual. While we’d prefer to be in-person, of course, we have lots of ideas and strategies for making the online event collaborative and engaging. You might be surprised by what’s possible. As always, the agenda will be set by you, the participants. What... Read more

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I'm sure you will see many familar names on the list - not the least of which is our fellow SMEPL:  Sarah Gudeman.

Congratulations, Sarah - well done!

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It's official!

see you in June!

Mary Ann

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Deliver expert content to your students

Use BuildingGreen campus-wide to integrate the latest innovative building technologies into course content. We provide:

Green Building 101
Technical information made simple

In-depth articles
Whys and hows of building strategies

Pro webcast library
Watch and... Read more

Product Guide

Wallcoverings get all the attention, but it’s often their adhesives that contribute to indoor air quality problems.

BuildingGreen-Approved Adhesives

BuildingGreen approves adhesives that meet zero-VOC content limits.

We prefer wallcovering adhesives that meet CDPH Standard Method v1.1 or other, more stringent, emissions protocols... Read more

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Not sure if anyone is currently looking to hire someone, but I wanted to pass along info on Bohan Zhang in case anyone might be interested.  Bohan recently graduated from the GSD's MDes Energy and Environment program.  He also has an MArch degree, and I know took a number of courses in Real Estate and Finance at both MIT and Harvard.  I had him... Read more

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I am on the Board of an Environmental organization in the Catskills (The Catskill Center for Conservation and Development  We are trying to develop a policy on siting of clean energy projects.  For example, we know of one town that bans PV's that can be seen from the road, another is a proposal to... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Building Re-Entry with Arc

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

1.  Explain the similarities and differences between LEED v4.1 O+M performance metrics and the Arc Re-Entry program.

2.  Understand how Arc Re-Entry contributes to an iterative re-... Read more

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Hi everyone, 

The winning date for our Waste Management call is 3/24/2020 from 12pm-1pm PST.

Here is a link to the Google hangouts meet as well as a call in number for those without gmail accounts:

(‪US‬)‪+1 240-224-0800‬

PIN: ‪996 308#‬

I am working on putting together an... Read more

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Does anyone have install experience with Duracryl yet? I'm looking at it for a large project in place of Marmoleum. We've had multiple instances of install failures with Marmoleum, which leads to lots of finger pointing. 

Credit - Rating System Correction

Replace the text of the fourth bulleted item with the following:All hard surface flooring must meet the requirements of the FloorScore?standard (current as of the date of this rating system, or more stringentversion) as shown with testing by an independent third-party. Mineral-basedfinish flooring products such as tile, masonry, terrazzo, and... Read more

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We have a project that is looking for plaster/stucco/textured wall products that are sustainable, or “more sustainable.”

I know these products exist, but I haven’t had to spec or work with any, so I’m reaching out.

The project is in MA, so I'm also soliciting recommendations for products and/or companies who are experienced using... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

Replace Option 1 with the following:Classroom furniture and seating must meet the emissions requirements of the GREENGUARD Children and Schools standards, with testing conducted in an independent third-party air quality testing laboratory.