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Credit - Rating System Correction

Replace the text of the first bullet with the following:Employ permanent entryway systems at least 10 feet long in the primarydirection of travel to capture dirt and particulates entering the building atregularly used exterior entryways. Acceptable entryway systems includepermanently installed grates, grills and slotted systems that allow... Read more

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What is the lag time for historical embodied carbon data catching up with real-time information as manufacturers source renewable energy? Is our professional time best spent calculating with out-of-date information or more simply calling for manufacturers' elimination of fossil fuel combustion in their production and transportation of materials... Read more

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Does adding solar panels reduce a building's EUI?

Existing operational use of a building is 80 kBtu/sf/year. When we add solar, it will change the source of energy but does not change the usage.

My understanding is that the EUI does not change, but it would be good to hear from others.

It's energy consumption at the point... Read more

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Sustainable Advising Leaders Application for Peer Network Membership

Sustainable Advising Leaders peer network brings together the most committed sustainability consultants in North America and beyond. We invite you to apply for membership.

We look for the following attributes:

You are in a sustainability consulting... Read more

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CALL for applications: national COTE Leadership Group

We need you! Or the dedicated, enegetic people you know ... 

Please consider encouraging applications (or applying yourself) for the the COTE Leadership Group. 

We have 2 1-year slots this year ... plus 3 3-year slots ... and we are looking for a diverse slate (diversity... Read more

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Hi folks,

Has your firm:

- hired a consultant to conduct firmwide bias training?

- revamped its hiring process using an antiracist lens?

- developed coaching circles / reading groups around racism/anti-racism? 

- instituted new support structures for staff development around inclusivity?

- some other... Read more

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Hi All,

I'm working on a LEED for Schools project under 2009, and received some amorphous comments back about our Mold Prevention Plan. We used the LEEDuser template as a guide, while also referencing the EPA document the credit is based around, but the reviewers feel we haven't provided proper metrics. The EPA plan is something like... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

At the end of Option 1 and Option 2, delete the sentence that begins "Demonstrate compliance with local or national policy..."

In Option 1, at the end of the sentence that starts "Demonstrate that the number of private and public...", add "or comply with local or national equivalent."

In Option 2, at the end of the... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

change "Solar water heaters (backup)" to "Solar water heaters"

Credit - Rating System Correction

Under Requirements, Option 3. Pressure Balancing, replace “difference of more than 3 Pa” with “difference of less than 3 Pa”

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As we all know, ventilation rates must be kept the same between the LEED Baseline and proposed energy models. However, we're aware of projects that have been able to claim energy savings associated to reducing ventilation using systems like Aircuity. 

Have any of you successfully claimed credit for reduced airflow due... Read more

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ASHRAE 209 in all its glory has been uploaded. This will impact our architectural process, for better or worse, so we should embrace it and learn from it. The revised AIA Energy Modeling Design Guide (due out next year) has been timed to correspond roughly to 209 coming out and will include references to it. The first few energy modeling '... Read more

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A few months ago, I sent around a note about an article I was writing about the state of post-occupancy studies. It finally came out, in the latest issue of Metropolis. Great quotes and work from Payette, EDR, KieranTimberlake, HKS, and others. Thanks to all for helping with this.

I don't believe it's available online yet,... Read more

Credit - Rating System Correction

In the next to last row of the table, add "%" between "30" and "or less"

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