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Greetings, colleagues!

Here's an opportunity for this community from AIA COTE Advocacy: US Congressman Paul Tonko (D-NY), Ranking Member of the Environment Subcommittee of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, is looking for input from national stakeholder groups to help develop new federal climate legislation. Congressman Tonko... Read more

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Hello, All, Is anyone familiar with One Click LCA software and resources?  Similarities/differences from a Tally or Athena approach?  Many thanks!

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I was recently asked if there is a way to quantify financially what one MT eCO2 might be worth in the context of a building owner reducing their own carbon emissions.  How do you put a dollar value on those reductions?  Does anyone have experience with that or can you point me to the correct resource to answer this question?


Welcome to the quiz portion of Engineering a Wood Revolution

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Compare engineered wood to steel and concrete; and describe how engineered wood offers better dimensional stability, less waste, and more consistent performance than... Read more

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Hey there hive mind,

I'm hoping y'all can help me as I coach one of my colleagues along his path to develop into whoever he's supposed to be when he grows up. He's interested in focusing on the analysis and innovation side of sustainability and I honestly don't know where to send him for networking with other like-minded people beyond my... Read more

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I'm sure may are familiar with Aqua in Chicago, and Joe Lstiburek's article on thermal bridging. ( We have similar problem with a project that is a residential highrise building, concrete structure. Here is my questions. Will energy simulation be able to pick up the... Read more

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Wood decking often comes from unsustainable sources and requires hazardous preservatives to protect it from rot and decay.

BuildingGreen-Approved Decking

BuildingGreen approves wood decking that is made of FSC-certified wood or reclaimed wood. BuidlingGreen also approves preserved-wood decking that provides enhanced durability without... Read more

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Hi all! I'm very excited to report that we have interest from a developer client in tracking embodied carbon through construction. We have issued construction documents and the construction managment team is begining the process to establish the GMP.

We're looking to use EC3, and/ or ZGF's LCA analysis tool for concrete to look at how we... Read more

Campus-wide Group

Reports, Courses, Study Guides, Live Webinars

Currently not for sale, being updated and re-released in August 2021.

A site license allows your entire organization to access and share the report, and to keep a copy in your library. The site license does not allow multiple users to earn CEUs. If multiple individuals in your organization would like to earn CEUs from this report, please ... Read more

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Has anyone here had success in comparing life cycle impacts for different window system options? We have been trying to compare different options but have only been able to source one expired EPD for an actual window (frame + glazing). Is the typical approach to separately compare glass and framing options? Are we missing something or is there... Read more

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CALL for applications: national COTE Leadership Group

We need you! Or the dedicated, enegetic people you know ... 

Please consider encouraging applications (or applying yourself) for the the COTE Leadership Group. 

We have 2 1-year slots this year ... plus 3 3-year slots ... and we are looking for a diverse slate (diversity... Read more

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Hi Green Friends - I hesitated to post on April Fools, but wanted to get the link out for folks to share with their netowrks    I'll be teaching a workshop at the Pacific Energy Center on May 11 on Electrification Retrofits of Exisitng Non-Residential Buildings.  I'll be bulidng on the great work our sub-committee led by Allison has been... Read more

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Apologies if some of you are seeing this for the second time - on behalf of Frances Yang, Mike Gryniuk and the Carbon Leadership Forum, consider signing on in support of the SE 2050 Challenge for structural engineers. (Yes, there is an option to sign on as a non-structural engineer, in support of the program.)

http://... Read more

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Hi folks! I had a blast at the Show + Tell Tuesday night of Greenbuild. Thanks to Payette for hosting, and to Arrowstreet for joining Payette and BuildingGreen as sponsors. What a great way to get a "tasting-menu" Greenbuild experience!

I also caught a couple of great sessions on Friday morning. Polling others, it seems that the... Read more

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I'm pleased to announce that the AIA Board of Directors has unanimously adopted the A&D Materials Pledge as the AIA Materials Pledge!!!!! The support of so many of you was a key factor in making it so easy for the AIA Board to adopt The Pledge. The Materials Pledge now has 90 signatory firms, including many of yours. Thank you all.  Now,... Read more

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Hi Green Gurus,

We have recently had a beloved member of the HKS DesignGreen team relocate to Toronto due to work visa challenges in the US. Our loss could be your gain if you have an office in Toronto! We are hoping to collect a list of leads for him once the dust settles on his move and he begins his job hunt. If you have any... Read more

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The Getting to Zero Forum is happening next week in Minneapolis, Minnesota (my home state!). Anyone else from this group planning to attend in person? I'm especially curious as the Forum comes so quickly on the heals of the Living Future Conference.

As a proud Minnesotan, I have a hard time imagining how anyone could ignore an... Read more

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Little things make a big difference in MEP systems. Pumps, fans, ducts, and dampers are at the heart of performance.

BuildingGreen-Approved HVAC Accessories

We approve the best-in-class products in each category, including:

custom-packaged outdoor HVAC equipment dampers ducts and casings duct sealants electric heaters fans... Read more