Product Review

Aerogel Coating May Reduce Thermal Bridging

Thermal breaks can be pricey and may affect structural integrity. Aerolon is a non-structural alternative designed to have similar benefits.

To mitigate the effects of thermal bridging through structural elements that penetrate the building envelope, designers have few good options. Retaining those balconies, canopies, lightshelves, and other features—if it’s even possible to do so without severe energy penalties—may mean completely redesigning conventional assemblies. The alternative is to integrate structural thermal breaks, typically consisting of a layer of less-conductive material between pieces of structural steel or other framing materials.

Coating manufacturer Tnemec Company, Inc. has proposed a third option it says is relatively simple and inexpensive. When sprayed onto structural elements, Tnemec’s aerogel-based coating reduces condensation risk and may also provide energy benefits.

Published April 6, 2015

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