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Carnegie Renews Wallcovering Options with Biobased Xorel

PVC-free wallcoverings have gotten greener with a new high-performance, sugar-cane-based textile from Carnegie Fabrics.

Carnegie Fabrics has introduced Biobased Xorel—an updated version of its high-performance wallcovering textile made from polyethylene yarn. The company uses sugar-cane-derived ethanol for 60%–85% of the material, and three of the most popular Xorel patterns are no longer available in the original fossil-fuel-based version, according to Cliff Goldman, president of Carnegie, who told EBN that there is no cost premium for the biobased version of the product and that the product performs exactly the same way as the traditional fabric.


Wallcovering innovations have been rare in the last decade.

Published February 3, 2014

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