Product Review

Silicone Air Barrier Offers Simple, Systematic Approach

A whole-building air barrier system with a 15-year warranty is offered as a package from Dow Corning.

As the continuity and durability of air barriers get more attention from high-performance building projects (see The Hidden Science of High-Performance Building Assemblies), product manufacturers are taking note. Dow Corning recently announced its entry into a small but growing club: companies offering whole-building air- and water-barrier systems combining multiple products under one set of details and one warranty. (Also see Tremco: Getting the Devil Out of Air and Water Details.)

A family of products

The Dow Corning Silicone Air Barrier System, for commercial and multifamily residential projects, combines the following:

Published August 3, 2014

Roberts, T. (2014, August 3). Silicone Air Barrier Offers Simple, Systematic Approach. Retrieved from