Product Review

Tremco: Getting the Devil Out of Air and Water Details

The Tremco ETA system offers the first-ever warranty on the performance of an assembly's air and water barriers.

Designing, specifying, and constructing high-performance commercial building assemblies is a tall order. Lining up and integrating all of the components for continuous air and water barriers can be maddening. And whose job is this? It’s actually a chain of responsibility: architect, specifier, general contractor—and, finally, all the trades.

Where do the manufacturers of all the components fit in? They just make and sell stuff and then all the building professionals get to work it out, right? Not always—and certainly not if Tremco has anything to say about it. Tremco has patented and commercialized its Proglaze Engineered Transition Assembly (ETA) System as an integrated whole of compatible sealants, membranes, primers, and flashings (all its own products) with both insulation and sheathings (other manufacturers').

Published May 31, 2012

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