Product Review

An Air Barrier Engineered for Real-World Jobsites

The continuity of air and water barriers depends on the quality of workmanship, and Prosoco’s Cat 5 system is hard to get wrong.

It’s not exactly Color by Numbers, but Prosoco’s fluid-applied air barrier is close to being that simple. That’s saying a lot in a field where some alternatives are more like origami.

“The whole class of liquid-applied water-resistive barriers and liquid-applied flashings has been one of the major construction breakthroughs in the last five years,” says Michael Aoki-Kramer, principal at RDH Building Sciences, who singles out the R-Guard Cat 5 system from Prosoco as “almost stupid easy to install; it’s really hard to mess up.” That’s by design, adds Prosoco CEO David Boyer.

Published October 6, 2014

Melton, P. (2014, October 6). An Air Barrier Engineered for Real-World Jobsites. Retrieved from